Redheads under threat as the climate heats up


Redheads under threat as the climate heats up
Experts warn redheads could be facing extinction with rising temperatures to blame.

Polar bears and penguins aren’t the only ones under threat as the global climate warms up.

Redheads are also now facing extinction, as cloudy days and gloomy skies become fewer.

Genetic scientists believe that the emergence of the gene that causes red hair was a mutation naturally developed in response to the gloomy climate. Redhead colouring allows people to get as much vitamin D as possible.

This explains why so many Scots (13% of them) have the vibrant locks, in comparison to just 1-2% of the population.

As Managing Director of ScotlandsDNA Dr Alistair Moffat claims “ We think red hair in Scotland, Ireland and North of England is adaptation to the climate”.

So as the world heats up and the sun continues to shine, the future isn’t looking so bright for our beloved gingers.




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