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Ray of light

By Liz Hancock

MiNDFOOD’s exclusive interview with YSL Manifesto L’Eclat perfumers Anne Flipo & Loc Dong.

What turns a fragrance into a YSL signature?

We believe it is a blend of various ingredients: a strong character, an unexpected personality, an unmistakable elegance, a touch of provocation, a precise architecture playing with codes, a notion of freedom, a great femininity and sensuality.

What is addictive about the MANIFESTO L’ECLAT fragrance?

Behind the first sparkle, you will discover a smooth fragrant trap. With delicate honeyed facets, freesia will not only offer a radiant floralcy. The creamy accord will wrap your senses in a sweet embrace. The fluffy, balsamic touch of tonka bean will attract you in the magnetic dry down facetted with vibrant cashmeran.

Which raw materials have been used for this perfume?

MANIFESTO L’ECLAT is a fragrance opening within the provocation of a generous and feminine green freshness. Crispy notes are enlivened by the citrus facet of a bright tea accord for a daring start, embellished by the floral richness of the neroli.

The voluptuous heart ensures a sensuality as disturbing as elegant. Wrapped by creamy notes, the floral scent of a precious and bewitching Sambac jasmine accord  covers itself with the freesia’s sparkling radiance, signing a captivating composition. The addiction continues through enveloping and suggestive woody notes. Cedar, sandalwood and cashmeran merge in depth and become accomplices of tonka beans into the temptation of a hypnotic dry-down, mild and vibrant at a time.

What is the inspiration behind MANIFESTO L’ECLAT?

The radiance you can see when the Manifesto woman looks at you. The positive energy you can feel. Her friendly provocation. Her true authenticity. Her unmistakable femininity.

As the third olfactive MANIFESTO, how does it differ from the Eau De Parfum and L’Eiixir?

If Manifesto Eau de Parfum translates an instinctive and uninhibited femininity and Manifesto L’Eiixir a heightened one, MANIFESTO L’ECLAT would be an instinctive and daringly sparkling femininity. Each of the creations show a different facet of the Manifesto woman. A bright neroli and a sparkling freesia accord illuminate the creamy sensuality of the Sambac jasmine notes. The citrus facet of the tea accord refreshes the top contrasted by the addictive smoothness of a light wood dry-down.

How did you translate the idea of light in MANIFESTO L’ECLAT?

When we thought about the idea of light olfactively we immediately smelled a sparkle, something bright, vivid, more transparent, dewy. To translate this idea into Manifesto L’Eclat, we imagined the fragrance crossed by a ray of  light, illuminating it from top to bottom, while keeping its richness and femininity. We used some ingredients like the essence of neroli, a bright tea accord, a radiant freesia or a vibrant cashmeran note.

Who’s the MANIFESTO L’ECLAT woman?

An unexpected woman who will illuminate your day!

What makes MANIFESTO L’ECLAT a YSL signature?

The blend of playful provocation, instinctive and magnetic femininity.



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