Rare glimpse of powerful Mother Nature lights up Tasmania’s skies and waters

By Kate Hassett

In a spectacular show, Mother Nature has wowed onlookers with Aurora Australis and bioluminescence creating an unparalleled example of beauty.

In a rare combination of the powers of Mother Nature, Aurora Australis and bioluminescence have joined forces to create a unprecedented show of natural beauty.

The Aurora Australis, which put on its first show six months ago in the skies of Hobart, has had a longer-than-normal season, causing an influx of onlookers to Tasmania’s shores.

The arrival of the aurora relates to the sun in its solar maximum phase, which is an active cycle where activity, such as solar flares, occurs more frequently than usual.

The amazing array of colours seen in the skies over the recent months, are caused by molecules in the atmosphere reacting to the excess energy created by solar activity.

Whilst Tasmanian’s have been privy to this performance for months, the bioluminescence has created a stir with chasers of the Borealis.

The deep turquoise glow in the water is caused by a micro-organism Noctiluca Scintillans, which reacts to movement by giving off the surreal glow.

The glow has been occurring for the past three nights on the shores of the Derwent River, near Hobart – a truly unrivalled experience for any onlooker.


A photo posted by Paul Fleming (@lovethywalrus) on

A photo posted by Paul Fleming (@lovethywalrus) on


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