Put to the test: The new brightening concealer that’s a true multi-tasker


Put to the test: The new brightening concealer that’s a true multi-tasker
We put this new skincare-infused, hydrating concealer to the test on its claims to brighten, depuff and perfect.

When was the last time you bought a concealer that really delivered on what everything you were after?

In general concealers are intended to even out skin-tone and disguise imperfections. In reality, concealers come in different consistencies that are often good only for one approach. For example: a thicker pomade-type concealer in a pot is useful for disguising blemishes because it has more opaque pigment that blocks out redness and won’t wear off, while a thinner, more liquid concealer is necessary for covering dark circles under the eyes, where skin is delicate and moves more, so a lighter product is less likely to crease or bunch in fine lines.

It means you may need to have more than one to hand as it’s rarely possible to find a concealer that does it all. If you’re more of a beauty minimalist or want to get your routine done quickly so you can get out the door faster in the morning, juggling multiple concealers is not always an option.

It’s why we’re excited about the arrival of Revlon’s new ColorStay 24 Hour Skin Awaken Concealer. A true combination of concealer talents, it’s not only designed to cover and perfect by erasing imperfections in different areas of your face, it also helps brighten and minimise dark circles. Simple and fast to use, the concealer contains the skincare benefits of vitamin C for that brightening boost and caffeine to help depuff your under eye area.

Much as the name suggests, the concealer offers five key talents:

  1. ERASE: The soft tube applicator with an antibacterial sponge tip is designed to deliver a high-pigment formula just where you need it, going on with a featherweight consistency.  There’s no need for extra brushes, and it quickly adds coverage that has a natural finish. However if you keep dabbing, it quickly builds to full-coverage to banish blemishes without appearing obvious or caking around dry areas or flaky patches. 
  2. PERFECT: The light and creamy formula feels weightless and fresh and blends seamlessly into skin with the tip or your fingers. Once it’s on, the concealer flexes with skin but wont slide around or settle into pores, wrinkles or fine lines so it’s ideal to perfect and brighten dark circles under your eyes. 
  3. BRIGHTEN: While its pigments deliver a quick-fix for dull skin and dark areas, the concealer is also infused with skincare ingredients caffeine, that quickly deals to puffiness, and vitamin C to help promote healthy and resilient skin, even skin tone and brighten, even after the concealer is washed away. 
  4. HYDRATE: Added emollients and skin-loving ingredients in the formula leave skin feeling moisturised all day. It’s also free from added parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and fragrance to ensure skin stays in great shape. 
  5. REFRESH: The concealer moves with skin and feels fresh rather than exacerbating dryness like some other options do, and promises to remain that way even while remaining transfer-proof and offering up to 24-hours of wear. 

With so many talents, we wanted to see how Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Skin Awaken Concealer would perform on different people with different lifestyles and skin types. We asked six women how they usually use concealer and how they found Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Skin Awaken Concealer after trialing their shade for two weeks or more. Here’s what they said:

Aimee M, 30s
My skin is generally dry and I usually use concealer around my eyes and areas of redness on my nose and chin, as well as blemishes and to even out skin tone. I applied the Revlon concealer in the morning before work, along with a tinted moisturiser and then cleansed before bed. My skin looked really bright and glowy after applying the concealer and a tinted moisturiser – I looked really fresh and awake, especially around my eyes.  This concealer worked really well for me. I particularly liked that it evened out my skin tone and removed redness without covering up my freckles. It worked in really well with the tinted moisturiser I normally use, and added an extra glow and brightness that I really liked. I also really liked the soft applicator sponge, it was really gentle applying the product – especially around my eyes – and didn’t tug on the skin. 

Megan B, 40s
I have quite dry, reactive skin, with lots of annoying redness, so I need something that’s going to minimise that without looking caked on! I usually like quite a hydrating foundation and only use concealer sparingly where I need to boost the coverage but I found this worked really well alongside my usual products, especially under the eyes where it can be tricky to layer coverage.  I love that it has skincare in it because while I’m good at using serums and other products at night, in the morning it’s always a rush! So I feel like I will take any extra skincare help – like here with the vitamin C – that I can get! This will easily complement my daily routine going forward. 

Ashley W, 20s
My preference is a concealer with a wand, and I usually only use it to cover pimples, so I was pleasantly surprised after trying this in my eye area, how well it improved the appearance of my dark circles. Some of the trial period was when I was working from home so I didn’t have foundation on and I liked how well it blended into my skin and gave coverage while still making it look as though I wasn’t wearing makeup. The applicator was useful for blending it too. With lockdown depriving me of my daily coffee, I appreciated getting a caffeine hit as well as a skin-pick-me up through my concealer!

Shona S, 60s
I use concealer to cover dark eye circles sometimes, as well as sun spots on my cheeks and to even out slightly red skin tone. I found the Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Skin Awaken Concealer easy to use and I liked that I didn’t need to use my fingers or a separate applicator. It has light but concealing coverage, not noticeable on my skin, didn’t feel clogged or thick. I don’t think anyone realised I had a concealer on which is always my goal! I also liked the smaller size of the tube – I often worry about makeup sitting and not being good for my skin if not used frequently. 

Kathryn C, 20s
I don’t usually use concealer, but was looking for one to help with the dark circles under my eyes. I wore this all day at work and touched it up slightly if I was going out in the evening. The colour matching worked really well for my skin tone. I opted for the slightly lighter shade because I wanted to use it as a brightener for my dark circles. The texture was smooth and lightweight and felt nourishing for my skin and the sponge made it really easy to apply evenly. 

Jan G, 50s
I am currently dealing with rosacea so I need a concealer that will cover redness, plus for a polished look when I am wearing full makeup,  I use it under my eyes to cover any dark areas. During the work week I wore this new Revlon concealer all day with no need to touch up. Had I been going out in the evening, I would have touched up a little, especially under my eyes for that caffeine hit! I liked that it didn’t irritate my skin (it had no fragrance) and the foam ball tip was soft and gentle. I also liked that I could build up in particularly red areas, without it looking heavy or overdone. Even with the build up, it didn’t settle into any wrinkle lines which gave a smooth look. Really appreciated that it had Vitamin C in the formula. Especially for my problem skin. I can see myself using this concealer all the time, I only wish the tube was bigger, but it’s great for the price!

  • The new Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Skin Awaken Concealer, $28, comes in six shades including one universal brightening shade and one neutralising shade that counteracts redness. Try now at Chemist Warehouse stores or shop online

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