Put to the Test: Sothys Sensations Orientale

Our beauty editor puts the indulgent Sothys Sensations Orientales body treatment to the test at Tonic Spa in Titirangi.

The Treatment

The luxurious Sothys Sensations Orientales treatment ($130 for 60 minutes at Tonic Spa, Titirangi) is inspired by ancient oriental tradition. The hour-long treatment features an exfoliating syrup to gently exfoliate the skin before a one-of-a-kind handmade scrubbing claystone is used to energise the skin. Hot towels are then used to remove the exfoliating syrup before warm nourishing amber and date oil is massaged into the body.

The Verdict

If you’re anything like I am, you tend to forget about pampering your limbs during winter. And while lengthy, hot showers seem like a good idea at the time, hot water can dry out skin. Throw in other elements of winter – low air humidity and air-conditioning blasting around the clock – and by the time spring rolls around, skin tends to be in need of some serious nourishing from head to toe.

The indulgent Sothys Sensations Orientales is the perfect mid-winter pick-me-up and is just what my body needed to help get it ready for spring which is just around the corner. A gentle yet thorough exfoliation starts the treatment – dull, dry skin is sloughed away leaving my body silky smooth. Warm amber and date massage oil makes for a truly relaxing yet invigorating massage – in fact, it’s just what achy winter muscles need. 


Behind the Label: Hydroxy Acids

If you’ve ever wondered what the fuss about hydroxy acids is, you’re not alone. We find out why this skincare ingredient needs to be added to your routine, stat.

While mechanical exfoliators – those scrub-like formulations made with the likes of jojoba beads and natural grains – definitely have their place in our beauty regimen, chemical exfoliators are essential for helping our skin regenerate itself. Alpha (glycolic, lactic) and beta hydroxy (salicylic) acids both work in a similar way to gently unglue bonds holding dead skin together. The result: dull, dead skin is sloughed away to reveal a smooth, even complexion. Incorporate into your regular skincare routine two to three times a week to get your skin really glowing.

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