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The Huawei P40 Series Has Finally Landed in NZ Today & You Won’t Want to Miss the Pre-Order

The Huawei P40 Series Has Finally Landed in NZ Today & You Won’t Want to Miss the Pre-Order

The Huawei P40 Series Has Finally Landed in NZ Today & You Won’t Want to Miss the Pre-Order

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new Huawei P40 series, and after it launched globally in March, the sought-after smartphone is now available for pre-order in New Zealand – which you can do right here and you can find out more about the great offers you can get your hands on right now at the bottom of the feature.

To celebrate the launch, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite features that we love about the P40 Pro.

It Looks Great

Smartphones are much more than just a device – these days they’re often thought of as an accessory too. Therefore it tends to go without saying: if you’re investing in a new phone, you want it to look good. The P40 Pro doesn’t disappoint in the looks department.

The first thing that captures our attention when we unbox it is the smartphone’s sleek design. For a start, it’s neither too big or too small and fits comfortably in our hands. The curvaceous, ergonomic design and Quad-curve overflow display is inspired by form-flowing water, and within the New Zealand market, there are two colours to choose from – frost silver or deep sea blue.

The Camera is a Real Game-Changer

Firstly, there’s the camera. If you’re serious about creating content – which is part and parcel when you work at a magazine – you need a smartphone that delivers when it comes to photography. 

There’s a good reason why the P40 series has dominated the top ranking at DXOMARK – the independent benchmark website dedicated to assessing smartphones, cameras and lenses. It’s packed with all the latest cutting-edge technology and innovation and features the Ultra-version Leica Lens, 50M Ultra Vision Camera, 40 MP Cine Camera, 12 MP SuperSensing Telephoto Camera and 32 MP Selfie Camera.

In other words: there’s not a lot this camera can’t do. But don’t let that overwhelm you. While you can play with the camera settings until your heart is content – if you’re that way inclined – you don’t need to be a photography expert to make the most of the P40 Pro’s exceptional cameras. 

The P40 Pro captures the world in vivid colour and clarity.

In fact, certain features including the AI Remove Passersby and AI Remove Reflection, make taking the perfect photo incredibly easily. Accidentally captured an unwanted reflection or perhaps a stranger in the background of your family photos? The P40 Pro’s clever AI technology quickly makes photography mishaps a thing of the past.

AI Remove Passerby combines various frames so your subject becomes the centre of attention in your shots, and AI Remove Reflection lets you remove the offending layer so your images are reflection-free. Then there’s the Golden Snap AI Best Moment – the P40 Pro’s AI motion algorithm is intelligent enough to help recognise everything from posture and expression, and then help you pick the best shot.

It’s Packed with Innovative Technology and Hardware

When you’re busy snapping photos or replying to emails, the last thing you want is for your smartphone battery to run flat. And while the P40 Pro is packed with features that you would expect to drain the battery quickly, even when I was busy putting the P40 Pro through its paces I was impressed with its battery life.

The 4200 mAh14 battery might be smaller than some competitor batteries, yet It’s incredibly power efficient and the smartphone’s AI allocation mechanism ensures that the battery performs when you need it to.  

There is no waiting around for the P40 Pro to charge either. It comes packed with a fast charger and the P40 Pro was up and running much quicker than expected. In fact, you can expect a fully charged P40 Pro in under an hour and if you don’t have quite that much time – just 30 minutes will get you around 80 per cent battery life.

It’s Easy to Switch to and Use

Switching to a new smartphone can often be a challenge, but Huawei makes that switch seamless. While there’s no Google Play, the Huawei App Gallery user friendly and easy to navigate. You’ll be able to find many of your favourite apps there including Tik Tok, Snapchat and 

Alternatively, copying over your favourite apps to the new P40 series is easy thanks to the Phone Clone function. All you need to do is open the Phone Clone app and select both your old and new phone, scan the QR code to establish a connection, select what you want to transfer and then start the process. The lightening-fast WiFi6+ makes getting the job done even quicker too.

The P40 Pro also has the capability to use the Huawei browser to create shortcuts to the home screen to provide quick and easy access to your favourite apps.

While the P40 Pro is easy to use and set up, if you do get stuck expert advice and help is just a phone call away. All you need to do is call the New Zealand-based VIP number (022 666 7 888) or email [email protected] and the expert team will be able to answer all your P40 and Huawei App- related queries.

And don’t forget about the Huawei Community – the place were fellow Huawei enthusiasts go to share their experiences and tips and tricks. Check it out here.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Your Hands on a Huawei

Your new P40 series comes with an initial 5GB Huawei Cloud and 12 months free 50GB free storage. To launch the anticipated P40 to the New Zealand market, Huawei has released some irresistible pre-order offers.

There are three offers to choose from – which include your choice of the GT2 watch and Free Buds 3; Gentle Monster x Huawei sunglasses or Bose headphones – when you buy a new P40 or P40 Pro. Purchase from the following and receive:

  • 2 Degrees – a GT2 watch and Free Buds 3
  • JB HiFi – Gentle Monster x Huawei Bluetooth-enable sunglasses that let you play music
  • PB Tech – Bose headphones
  • Noel Leeming – a GT2 watch and Free Buds 3

Click here to pre-order your Huawei P40 for RRP$999 and P40 Pro for RRP$1499.

The P40 series is the official device of Emirates Team New Zealand

Huawei has also launched the new watch GT2e and two new laptops—Matebook D14 and Matebook D15. The new watch comes in two colours, graphite black and Lava red. Check PB Tech and Noel Leeming to discover the great launch offers that are available now, including PB Tech offering first 50 pre-order on the laptop to have a MediaPad T5 as a gift.


This feature was created in collaboration with Huawei.

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