Put to the Test: EstĂ©e Lauder’s Game-Changing New Serum

When a serum lands on your desk that promises to not only fight gravity but to do everything from hydrate and resurface skin to plump and refine features, it’s naturally going to find itself in my beauty routine pretty quickly. But before I put EstĂ©e Lauder Perfectionist Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment Serum ($158 for 30ml) to the serum to the test, I caught up with one of the skincare gurus behind the product, Dr. Nadine Pernodet, Vice President, Skin Biology and BioActives Research & Development for EstĂ©e Lauder Companies. “When Perfectionist was first launched, it was targeting single, specific pathways, working very well to address lines and wrinkles,” explains Pernodet. “Evolving to the Perfectionist Pro-line, we needed a more holistic approach in order to offer a natural, more lifted look for the whole face and not only address the look of lines and wrinkles.”

The result is a highly effective serum which delivers results and delivers them quickly. “Consumers want to see results very quickly,” explains Pernodet. “Our research approach enabled us to achieve a result that is very much in line with consumer needs today. The Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment is designed to provide high-performance, rapid, visible results. Skin is more hydrated and radiant in just one day. Within three days, skin is resurfaced and looks more plumped. And in just 14 days, skin feels firmer, and facial contours, including jawline and cheeks, look more lifted and defined.”

Our Verdict 

Unfortunately, a handful of long-haul flights, hectic deadlines and a diet dictated by travel aren’t quite the right ingredients for glowing, healthy skin. Thankfully, EstĂ©e Lauder‘s new serum, Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment landed on my desk when I needed it the most. My skin was seriously dehydrated from too many hours spent 32,000 feet above and I needed something that would rectify the problem quickly.

As Pernodet mentioned, most of us don’t aren’t prepared to wait for months to notice results with our skincare. And while I still believe you will see the best results from any product when you continue to use it religiously over a period of decent period of time, I was surprised how quickly Perfectionist Pro improved the texture of my skin. Although my skin had never been particularly rough to begin with, it was dehydrated and in need of some attention. Packed with Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a gentle chemical exfoliant, Perfectionist Pro promises to refine and resurface skin. And that it does. In just a handful of days, my skin felt noticeably smoother and healthier – the telltale signs of a dehydrated complexion were on their way out.

A couple of weeks later and my skin appears plumper – the lines that had been beginning to show on my forehead aren’t quite so obvious, which is probably thanks to the star ingredient: Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. When applied, the custom-designed rebuilding peptide helps enhance the production of collagen and elastin – both vital to keeping skin firm and youthful. The end result: a refined, well-hydrated complexion that feels and looks healthy and radiant.


Serville’s Leading The Field in Sustainability

Popular hair salon and educator Servilles are focusing their energy on becoming more eco-friendly in order to achieve a positive sustainable impact on the planet. To meet their environmental goals, Servilles has become the first New Zealand company to be part of the revolutionary movement Sustainable Salons.

Sustainable Salons is a comprehensive resource recovery service that rewards salons and gives back to the community. Determined to reduce the ecological footprint of the hair industry, this groundbreaking initiative collects material from salon bins and redirects it be to reused, recycled or repurposed. Even hair clippings find a new life, being used for composting in community gardens. 100% of the recycling proceeds are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest, which feed the most vulnerable in our communities.

To date, Sustainable Salons has saved the following from going into landfill and waterways:

  • 70,800kg of paper
  • 52,000kg of plastic
  • 81,700kg of metal
  • 7,500 litres of chemicals

Servilles Academy’s New Home

Being Australasia’s leading and award-winning hairdressing, barbering and makeup academy, Servilles Academy is constantly growing to keep up with student demands and be ahead of the industry trends. The Academy is moving to a new incredible space just off Upper Queen Street. This contemporary stand-alone building is also sustainable; the roof has been built on an angle so that rainwater can be collected and reused within the building. The water is also heated with solar heating. Here we will be teaching hairdressing, barbering and makeup and skin care. Head Office is also located here.

Beautiful Environment

Another way Servilles is actively following a sustainable path is by partnering with sustainable hair care brand Davines through its company Be. Be, which stands for “Beautiful Environment” and is located in the Servilles Head Office, is the only Davines distributor in New Zealand. Davines is committed to working in harmony with the environment, and is opening a sustainable village in Parma, Italy next month. Servilles also uses Davines products in all of their salons.

To keep up with Serville’s sustainable journey, visit or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.