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Pucker Up! It’s International Kissing Day

Pucker Up! It’s International Kissing Day

On International Kissing Day we look at the top 5 ways kissing is great for your health

Pucker Up! It’s International Kissing Day

I can’t think of a better way to get over Mondayitis than celebrating this uber important day. Let’s face it, this day is not necessarily about raising awareness.

Kissing is already famous! Take a look at serial-smoocher Madonna, who can’t hop on a stage without locking lips with whoever’s nearby. She’s planted one on everyone from Britney, Christina Aguilera and rather awkwardly on Drake.

Then there are legendary kisses in art. Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss captures lovers in a passionate embrace. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic image V-J Day in Times Square, showcased an American sailor dipping and kissing a woman in a white dress.

Aside from being a famous pastime and popping up in artworks everywhere, kissing is really good for you. Here are 5 health benefits associated with leaning in and laying one on the one you love:

  1. It’s a pain reliever – Kissing lowers your blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels. Especially great if you have a headache or period pain!
  1. It Fights Cavities – This is the fun way to wash away cavity-causing plaque from your teeth, as kissing increases saliva production. Just make sure the person you’re kissing has great oral habits.
  1. It keeps you looking young – Why get a facelift or invest in an expensive skincare regime when you can exercise your facial muscles with an energetic, passionate kiss. This is a painless way to shape up your neck and jawline, as kissing works many facial muscles.
  1. Makes you Happy – Kissing is a fabulous de-stressor and one of the best ways to achieve the elusive concept of ‘being in the moment”. Another bonus is that it releases oxytocin, the body’s feel good chemical, making you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine.
  1. It Strengthens your Immune System – Contrary to popular belief, swapping saliva can stop you getting the common cold. A study published in Medical Hypotheses found that kissing evolved to protect against the cytomegalovirus.

So, today hold off on the garlic and celebrate the one you love by sharing a knee-buckling, goose-bump inducing, big kiss.

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