Women & wine: Protecting the Marlborough brand


Women & wine: Protecting the Marlborough brand

Jules Taylor was ready for a change from the corporate winemaking world and wanted a more flexible lifestyle for her family. She wanted to control the product she produced from the ground up, rather than it being driven by marketers and sales projections. Now she not only has an internationally recognised family-run wine label, but is also doing her best to protect and promote the Malborough band she so dearly loves.

In 2001, Jules made her first batch of Jules Taylor Wines with 400 cases of Pinot Gris and Riesling, however after seven years as a side project, it had grown some serious legs – so in September 2008 Jules Taylor officially handed in her corporate keys and was committed full time to her label.

Jules and her husband George were determined to ensure that Jules Taylor Wines was their own – they did not want to have to answer to a board. They wanted to do things their own way, but this meant many challenging years ahead.

“Our motto at Jules Taylor Wines is ‘belief over bottom line’ – this means that we will never produce wines that we don’t believe are top quality Marlborough wines,” Jules says, guaranteeing this when she puts her name on the bottle.

In this respect, control of the viticultural process is very important – making wines, varieties and quantities that are completely dependent on the quality of fruit grown.

Brand appreciation

A group of wineries in Marlborough have recently banded together to create a body that recognises, high quality, 100% grapes grown in Marlborough and produced there also, called Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW).

The goal of the AMW is to distinguish top quality boutique Marlborough wine compared with wines that have been blended with grapes from other regions and/or countries. 

It’s saying: “every single berry in this wine was grown and produced in Marlborough.’’

“We are ensuring that we are cropping the vines at levels that are suitable to their varieties, soil type and management practices. Fruit that is typical of each variety and speaks of where it is grown.

“We are proud of the wine coming out of Marlborough and New Zealand, and we need to protect our integrity. There are standards that we need to hold in order to ensure our brand ‘Marlborough’ is seen as premium in all international markets,” Jules explains.

Jules and George live locally in Marlborough, with Jules as the winemaker and George managing the day to day in’s and outs.

Today, Jules’ range includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rosé, Pinot Gris, Gruner Veltliner and a Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, is internationally recognised and distributed in 17 countries.

OTQ vintage

OTQ stands for ‘On The Quiet’ and is Jules Taylor’s Limited Release Single Vineyard range of wines. Jules created the OTQ Series in order to challenge the conventional wine making interpretations of Marlborough’s signature varieties and create wines that express the unique character of their particular vineyard.

These wines are a unique take on the predominant varieties grown in Marlborough. All hand-picked and single vineyard.

For more on Jules Taylor and her wines, click here.



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