Prof Robert Kelly clears the air about hilarious hijacked interview


Prof Robert Kelly clears the air about hilarious hijacked interview
The family from that famous BBC interview speak out about their most embarrassing moment caught on live tv.

The American academic whose seemingly straight forward interview burst into a viral sensation, has spoken with the press about his crazy experience.

The Professor was speaking about the impeachment of South Korea’s president on BBC World News when his two young children decided to make an impromptu appearance.

“Everybody we know seems to think it’s pretty hysterical. We understand why people find it enjoyable … It’s funny,” Kelly told BBC presenter James Menendez, who conducted the original interview.

His wife, Jung-a Kim, said: “We laughed a lot, but still we were worried a little bit more.”

Kelly, the associate professor of political science at Pusan National University, South Korea, added: “We were worried actually that the BBC would never call us again. That was our first response – mortification that we had completely blown our relationship with you.”

Kelly told the Wall Street Journal that his mortifying interview left him feeling like BBC would never call on him again.

He said that his daughter was in a great mood because she had celebrated her birthday at kindergarten earlier that day.
“She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party.”

He said: “As soon as she opened the door I saw her image on my screen.”

As soon as she made her way over, Kelly tried to move her towards some toys, but it was when his eight-month old son, James, pushed through the door in his walker that he “knew it was over”.

The Professor said that, while he was happy people had enjoyed the accidental intrusion, he was saddened to learn that many people assumed his wife Kim was the nanny or maid.

“It made me feel pretty uncomfortable”, he told the BBC.

But his wife, Jung-a Kim, was slightly more relaxed than her husband, saying that she hoped people would find the humour in the situation: “I hope people just enjoy it and don’t argue over this thing,” she said. “I’m not the nanny – that’s the truth – so I hope they stop arguing.”

Prof Kelly put the mistake down to the simple fact he forgot to lock the study door.


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