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Pro-surfer Paige Hareb on World Oceans Day


Pro-surfer Paige Hareb on World Oceans Day

What motivated you to team up with Trilogy for World Oceans Day?

Trilogy has a commitment to the ocean and I absolutely love that. I’m a professional surfer, so I’m in the ocean every day, wherever I am in the world. It is important for me to know I am in unpolluted water, free of plastics. Trilogy is backing the global movement to ban microbeads, which I support.

I’ve started using a range of their products and really noticing the difference. I love that they are all natural.

You’ve spent time surfing around the world. How do New Zealand coastlines stack up as far as pollution is concerned?  

Yes, I’ve been very lucky to see a lot of the world’s oceans, and I’ve seen both my fair share of beautiful clean coastlines and some which are terribly polluted- which is really sad.  New Zealand stacks up pretty well but I want to keep it that way and keep our ‘clean green’ image. It’s so much easier to preserve and take action than to try and clean up a mess.

What’s one change that we can all make to protect our oceans for future generations?  

One of the easiest changes is to choose beauty products with no micro beads in them. These micro plastic beads can get washed down drains into our ocean, harming our sea life and wildlife and eventually finding their way into the human food chain. Banning microbeads will make a difference to the overall plastic pollution in our oceans.

Aside from making eco-conscious beauty choices, what are some other initiatives we can take to reduce ocean pollution?

The obvious one is to re-cycle all your rubbish at home. Have a glass rubbish bin, plastic bin and waste bin. It’s so simple and makes a world of difference in the long run. Also, something as little as takeaway coffee, how many do you have a day? I’d say a lot of people have two. That’s 730 takeaway cups of paper/plastic/cardboard per year per person. Crazy! Get a re-useable cup or make some extra time for yourself and sit down and relax and have it in the cafe. Micro changes daily make the world of difference.

How do you look after your skin in the surf and sun?

I’m currently using a vegan kid’s 50SPF sunblock that I bought in Japan as a base layer on my face then I usually use Ella Bache’s foundation zinc.

My skin sees a lot of salt and sun, so I find the Trilogy Everything Balm an all-purpose saviour, as well as the Trilogy Rosehip oil antioxidant – I cover my face with this every night.  The Trilogy gentle facial exfoliant helps clean my skin from the layers of sunblock and salt I accumulate during days in the ocean.

Beauty essential that you can’t travel without?

  • Trilogy’s age-proof CoQ10 eye recovery concentrate
  • Trilogy’s Roseship oil antioxidant +
  • Trilogy’s Rosapene radiance serum



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