Following in his mother’s footsteps


Following in his mother’s footsteps
Prince Harry reveals how Princess Diana has constantly inspired his life's path.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Mirror, Prince Harry has opened up about his inspiration for continuing humanitarian work.

He spoke about how the memory of his late mother is a constant reminder to remain vigilant and participate in “behind the scenes” aid work, assisting those who are in most need of our help.

“It’s equally important, if not more so, to do the stuff behind the scenes.

“It’s something that our mother did a lot of and that’s the time that you really get to learn, you get the experiences and you actually get the honest truth out of people.”

Harry has just completed a 17-mile trek in support of Walking With The Wounded, an organisation that supports veterans with physical, mental or social injury and assists them in regaining skills and qualifications necessary to develop new careers outside of the military. A cause very close to Harry’s heart, since completing military service himself, the Prince has chosen to devote his life to helping others – exactly as his mother had.

“I thought, ‘Hang on. I’ve spent 10 years in the army doing something that I really love, being hidden away from the limelight,'” he told the Mirror. “‘Time to give back.'”

Harry said he stumbled across the idea of supporting this cause after working closely with wounded men and women at the Ministry of Defense’s Recovery Unit in London, where he currently works.

“[I] suddenly realised, I can now be the perfect spokesperson for these guys,” Harry shared. “I know what they’ve been through.”

“I’ve come back on the plane with guys with missing limbs, I’ve been to Headley Court and I’ve got a relationship with most of the guys and we all get on really well.

“There’s always a point in your life when, yes, you want to do the fun things for yourself but if I can carry on doing fun things which is this kind of stuff but the spotlight comes into a cause that we believe in then that’s what it’s all about.”

He said whilst his decision to leave the army was one of the hardest things he has had to do, his continuing work with military based charity groups allows him to give back to a world, that was always there to support him.

“So when you come together as a team and you’ve got each other’s back, that’s what it’s all about.”


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