Preparing for the Hollyford Track


Preparing for the Hollyford Track
While the Hollyford Track is not the most difficult of walks, it nonetheless requires some preparation. Here are our top tips to getting your body ready for the days of walking ahead.

According to the information provided by the Fiorland National Park,  The Hollyford Track is suitable for most ages and abilities, from 8 years-old and up.

While the track is well formed and, being a valley walk, not very difficult you will need to prepare your body for the long days of walking – day one in particular can be quite tiring for as you will walk 17km in around about 7 hours.

Those with a reasonable level of fitness will find the walk pleasantly challenging, and highly rewarding, but as with all things in life preparation makes perfect.

The following points are recommend to help you structure a training programme. Make sure you start at least 6 weeks beforehand, to ensure your walk with us is comfortable as well as enjoyable:

* Start simple and around town – brisk walks of approx.. one hour;

* Wear a bag or pack weighing about 6kgs to simulate what you will carry your first day on the Hollyford Track;

* One month out increase your walks to 3 hours – more as you get fitter – and try bush tracks or uneven terrain to develop balance and the different muscle groups needed;

* Hills and stair work will greatly improve fitness;

* Remember hydration and nutrition even in training, drink plenty of water and eat snack foods such as muesli bars, banana chips and chocolate. If you do this in your training walks your body will become used to processing food whilst on the move!

Have you walked along the Hollyford Track? How did you prepare for the journey and what are your tips for those thinking of embarking on the treck? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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