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Prepare your skin for autumn

By Donna Duggan

Prepare your skin for autumn
From sun damage to dehydration, summer may have wreaked havoc on 
your skin. Here are our five top tips for getting your skin back into shape, brought to you by MiNDFOOD.

We’ve experienced 
a summer of extreme temperature changes, from scorching-hot days that have had us running for the pool, beach or airconditioning, to weeks of wind and rain. The extreme temperature changes aren’t kind to even the least sensitive skin, but there are things you can do to heal some of the damage and to prepare your skin for the cooler months ahead.


Skin feels and looks dry


Is your skin looking and feeling tight and dry? You may need to look at your beauty regimen, diet and water consumption.

1 Don’t use hot water when washing your face. Use water that is tepid. Also, make sure the washcloth you’re using isn’t too rough.

2 Opt for a soap-free cleanser that will remove excess dirt while encouraging gentle exfoliation. Toner, moisturising day cream and night conditioner can help to hydrate and revitalise the skin.

3 Treat yourself to a facial, which 
can give your skin a deeper cleanse than what you can achieve at home. Speak with your beautician about 
having a facial that is designed for dehydrated skin.


Sun and age spots


Commonly occurring on exposed areas such as the face and hands, sun and age spots are usually the result of cumulative exposure to sunlight.

1 Unfortunately, sun and age spots don’t usually fade naturally over 
time, so prevention is key, which 
means applying sunscreen daily.

2 There are various skin lighteners and brighteners on the market that help to fade sun and age spots. Check with your skincare specialist about the products that will best suit your skincare needs.

3 Check with your doctor, dermatologist or skin cancer specialist to ensure these spots are not something more serious, such as melanoma.


Skin is irritated and flaking


Red, inflamed and irritated skin usually points to dietary imbalance or can be caused by your external environment.

1 A daily multivitamin, plus a diet rich in essential fatty acids, is vital for achieving a healthy, glowing complexion. Essential fatty acids can be found in nuts, seeds, flaxseed and evening primrose oil.

2 Avoid hot showers and baths. Make sure the water is lukewarm and limit your bathing time to five to 10 minutes.

3 Make sure you are not overheating when you sleep. Inappropriate heating, bedding and clothing are some of the main causes of skin irritation. Opt for natural fibres that allow the skin to breathe.


Fine lines are more visible


Fine lines are the inevitable result 
of ageing, but skin damage and 
lack of nutrients can make them 
more visible than they need to be.

1 Use beauty products that contain 
alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which have been shown to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

2 Fine lines can look more obvious if you are dehydrated. Make sure your water intake is adequate and keep alcohol and caffeine consumption to a minimum.

3 Take your face to the gym. Exercising your facial muscles, including doing facial yoga, tightens and tones the skin.


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