Prada Cinéma Evolution: The New Eyewear Project

Prada has just launched their latest masterpiece; Prada Cinéma Evolution. 

The new digital project is an ironic foray into the myriad facets of the female identity. Inspired by the dreamlike power of film, Prada Cinéma Evolution lets dreams flow with a surprising and amusing projection of personal memories. A TV commercial, an unexpected sound, a reflection in a mirror and a birthday cake are moments that emerge and entwine in a very personal film about a young woman on a sunny summer day.

Despite the film being totally lovely to behold, the sunglasses and eyewear of the new Prada Cinéma collection remain the stars of the story. Taking centre stage with an unusual combination of contemporary aesthetics and sophisticated femininity, the Prada Cinéma eyewear collection is a work of art. The sunglasses (SPR12U) and eyewear (VPR14U) have oversized frame fronts emphasized by a shining metal element, while the temples preserve the flat design of the iconic collection.

To play the film, click here.


C is for Culture, Change and Colour Trends: Valspar 2018

The world around us is everchanging and exciting. From culture, to politics, to technology; everything around us affects the way we think and behave.

Our lifestyles, our design, and the colours that resonate with us are impacted by the busy world moving around us, so it’s important that they reflect the exciting hum that comes with the adventures of life.

Valspar has created four beautiful colour palettes inspired by global trend insights and translated them into contemporary styles for New Zealand living.

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