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Pink perfumes the spring trend top fashion brands are embracing

By Megan Bedford

Pink perfumes the spring trend top fashion brands are embracing

‘Three’s a trend’ is a saying that regularly crops up among fashion commentators and enthusiasts alike.

When at least three iterations of an item, style or beauty approach crop up in a season it’s taken as a sign they might just catch on.

There are usually many more than three versions, but when at least three of the big influential, global fashion brands embrace something, it’s fairly likely it’s going to be ‘a thing’.

So when we recently noticed a number of similar looking perfumes landing on counters from big, global fashion brands we realised this could just be the summer of the pink perfume.

Of course, the colour of a perfume is far less important than what they smell like.

But when we started considering the arrivals, there were similarities there too. So if you’re a fan of a radiant floral scent, perhaps with a bit of juicy sweetness or warmth, read on for the new just-landed perfumes to embrace this coming season.

Prada Paradoxe

A brand new Prada perfume release is always cause for excitement. This gorgeous bottle, reminiscent of the Italian luxury fashion house’s iconic logo will likely make this a popular pick regardless, but the approachable scent inside will also ensure its success. It’s a pretty and slightly sweet combination with a burst of juicy pear, bergamot and tangerine that meets jasmine before settling into the warmth of a bio-converted natural amber note.

Elie Saab Girl of Now Lovely EDP

This version of Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab’s popular Girl of Now perfume series has a slightly fresh, green and bright opening before becoming sweet and warm but not overpowering. Again pear and citrus are involved in the top notes, and almond adds a unique twist, but there’s that familiar amber and patchouli in the base too.

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Cristal EDP

New York City label Narciso Rodriguez is famed for the alluring musky note that plays a star role in the brand’s popular line of perfumes. Here it’s tucked away with soft woods beneath a luminous spring bouquet of white blooms including freesia and orange blossom.

Givenchy Irresistible Fraiche EDT

If romantic rose is your vibe this might be the summer option for you. French luxury fashion brand Givenchy’s new light floral scent combines the classic flower with pink peppercorns and cedarwood in a modern take on sometimes cloying bloom.

Giorgio Armani My Way Floral EDP

A bright and sweet white floral with fresh zesty, citrus elements and that vanilla that seems to be very prevalent in this season’s batch of perfumes. The frosted bottle reminds us of sorbet, a perfect summer treat and gives a good idea about the contents of the  beautiful vessel. That unique navy polished glass cap is also indicative of the Italian designer brand’s famed attention to detail.


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