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Personal trainer tips for keeping healthy while staying at home

Personal trainer tips for keeping healthy while staying at home

Personal trainer and nutritionist, Rosie James uses her background in nursing to provide helpful tips for staying fit and healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

Personal trainer tips for keeping healthy while staying at home

“Staying fit and well will be important for everyone over the coming weeks and months,” says James. “I know that exercise and diet will have a big part to play in people’s sense of mental wellbeing as we experience changes to the way we live our lives.”

We talked to James to hear her best tips for keeping fit and feeling well at home.


1. Drink plenty of water

“Staying hydrated improves energy, aids digestion, prevents headaches, and regulates body temperature,” explains James.

A simple way to work out how much water you need is to multiply your weight in kgs by 0.033, If you weigh 60kgs it is around 2 litres. “If you exercise you’ll need more!” she adds.


2. Move a little most days

“Bodyweight training is perfect for an at-home workout,” says James. “You don’t need any gym equipment or much space. You can tweak the intensity through the types of movements, length of breaks, and overall length of time to work out.”

This kind of exercise builds muscle, burns fat, and helps with balance and flexibility, she explains.


3. Get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night

Getting a good night’s sleep has been strongly linked to improved health, says James. “Sleep can improve your immunity, reduce your risk of chronic and acute illness and improve your mental health.”


4. Consume nutrient-dense whole foods

“You should eat a variety of nutrient-dense wholefoods every day to ensure you get all the right micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) into your body. Try and get as many nutrients as possible from natural food sources,” explains James.

The personal trainers says the rule of thumb is the less processed the more nutritious. “A good quality micronutrient formula (greens powder) can help ensure you are topped up on all the right nutrients too.”


6. Get some sunshine everyday (obviously avoid sunburn)

“The Vitamin D produced by your skin when exposed to sunlight helps fight disease and regulate mood. It’s good for you!”


Rosie has an online bootcamp and nutrition tips on her website:

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