Packing Tips For Stress-Free Travel


Packing Tips For Stress-Free Travel
Head off on holiday with all the essentials.

Nothing ruins your overseas getaway quite like the realisation that you’ve forgotten something important. But while packing too little can result in missed items, packing too much causes the different problem of a heavy bag with little room for anything else – and potential airline fees.

Master the art of stress-free travel with our packing tips:

Have a list

Creating a list of things to pack a few weeks before your departure date is the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything vital. Beginning this well ahead of times gives you weeks to remember additional must-have items. It’s helpful to divide your list into sections, such as toiletries, electronics and clothes.

Avoiding folding

A common tip among travel experts is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. When you tightly roll your clothes you maximise space and minimise the risk of wrinkles.

Be aware of fees

Know your airline’s baggage fee policy before you get to the airport. This will ensure you don’t overpack and end up with a hefty fine. Check online and weigh your bags before you go.

Pack your carry-on with care

Anything valuable should go into your carry-on bag. Your passport, laptop, phone, camera and wallet are all essential. If you have extra room and are going on a long flight, it’s a good idea to add wet wipes, tissues, spare socks and underwear and a Kindle as a starting point.

Store your makeup properly

Smart tip: placing a cotton wool pad in between eyeshadows and powder makeups prevents the product from cracking.

Pack versatile clothing

Bringing items like jeans, basic tops and plain sweaters means you can mix and match your garments and bring less overall pieces. Get creative and think about what you can wear with your other clothes.

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