Packing Hacks For A Cold Weather Getaway


Packing Hacks For A Cold Weather Getaway

Packing for your upcoming winter ski trip or getaway? Before you hit the single slope, you’ll need to figure out how to get all your bulkiest winter gear to your destination of choice. Here are our top super space-saving tips for packing your snow gear.

Wear bulky pieces on the plane

Heavy jackets and shows should be worn on the plane to save as much space as possible for other items. Once you’re on the plane, its easy to squeeze a jacket in the overhead compartment around other luggage. As a bonus, bulky jackets can double as a blanket or pillow mid-flight.

Roll, don’t fold 

The best space-saving technique is to roll your clothes, rather than folding them. For even more space-saving power, lay smaller items on top of larger ones, then roll both items together.

Stuff your shoes 

Packing shoes for the cold can be a nightmare involving bulky boots and thick-soled shoes. Most travellers just accept that their winter shoes will eat away 50% of the space in their bag. Rather than admit defeat, fill your shoes with other items you need to pack. The space inside shoes is perfect for loading up with socks, underwear and even toiletries wrapped in plastic bags to save space and still keep your shoes heavy for winter travel.

Invest in space-saving bags

If you have to take bulky clothing along, these plastic bags are inexpensive, reusable and can reduce the volume of your belongings by pushing all of the air out of the bag. This means you’ll spend less time figuring out how to get your suitcase to close and more time figuring out what you can fit in all your extra space. These bags work best when wrinkling isn’t an issue, as with sweaters and jackets. The plastic also offers protection from any liquids you don’t want landing on your clothes.


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