One in Four New Year’s Resolutions Have Already Failed

By Mariam Digges

One in Four New Year’s Resolutions Have Already Failed
While 50% of us have made at least one new year’s resolution, research sadly shows that 88% of these will fail.

As we reach the second week of 2013, 25% of us have already failed the first challenge of our New Year’s resolutions – sticking to them. But, it’s not too late to get back on track.

Rowdy McLean, expert on motivation and execution of goals, and author of Play a Bigger Game says, “Every year we make resolutions to lose weight, give up smoking, adopt better money management skills and get that promotion we’ve always wanted. It’s easy to slip up but now more than ever is the time to focus on getting back on track and not throw in the towel.”

‘Tis the season for goal-setting, and while we may have yet to achieve these, this is no reason to abandon our resolutions altogether. Among some of the most common excuses thrown around when it comes to dumping our new year’s goals, Rowdy has heard:

1. My horoscope said this is not a good time for change

2. My ex girlfriend just got married

3. I forgot I had a holiday planned

4. I didn’t realise a marathon was that far

To help you fight these obstacles, Rowdy has shared the most common causes of failure, and give his five tips to ensure you reach your goals in 2013:

1. Overwhelmed – We take on too much. We want to lose weight, buy a new car, learn Spanish, run a marathon and get a promotion all at the same time. The trick here is to focus, choose just one thing and work on that flat out until you get the result you want.

2. Inconsistency – We make plans to go to the gym three times a week and then find we can’t stick to it. We go three times the first week, twice in the second and this gradually drops off until we are not going at all. Commitment is the key. Start off slowly; find out what works and what you can commit to without compromise each week. If that means going to the gym once a week for 52 weeks rather than 5 times some weeks and none the next then once a week is a better option.

3. No plan – We decide we want to achieve or do something, but have no real idea on how we are going to achieve it. The trick on this one is to create a clear plan with deadlines and milestones that track your progress. This plan should also include obstacles you may encounter and how to overcome them.

4. Belief – we undermine our ability to get things done because we don’t really believe we can do it. It’s more of a wish then a commitment. The trick here is knowledge – no matter what you want to achieve, someone somewhere has completed it successfully, so do the research, read the books, attend the seminars, workshops and courses. This will build your confidence encourage you to keep fighting.

5.  Accountability – we keep our goals to ourselves and when we lose our way we don’t mind because no one knows that we have given up. To keep you honest, tell your friends and family and ask these people to give you a gentle push from time to time.

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