Once-in-a-lifetime experiences for foodie travellers


Once-in-a-lifetime experiences for foodie travellers

Let your taste buds lead the way around the globe as you experience out of this world foodie hotspots and festivals. According to Booking.com, more than 61% of global travellers say they pick a destination for its great food or drink. So, pack up your suitcase, hop on a plane and get set for a gastronomic journey.

Eat your share of a 15,000-egg omelette in Bessières, France

A local old wives tale says that Napoleon Bonaparte enjoyed the omelette he ate in Bessières so much, that he ordered every egg in town to be prepared into a giant omelette for all his troops. Bessières still honours this story today, with a 15,000-egg omelette cooked by Members of the Giant Omelette Brotherhood of Bessières every year on Easter Monday. Be part of this tradition by joining the 10,000 visitors that flock to the town square every year, just to get a taste of the famous omelette.

You’ll feel like a ‘Melon-aire’ in Chinchilla, Australia

Whether you like big ones or small ones, there is a melon for you at Chinchilla’s Melon Festival, held every February in the melon capital of Australia. Thousands of visitors make the journey every year to take part in melon filled activities such as melon skiing, chariot races, ironman challenges and of course the ultimate food fight.

Live the dream with a private chef in Tuscany, Italy

What better way to savour the tastes and flavours of picturesque Tuscany than by inviting a private chef to cook in your home away from home? According to Booking.com, almost half of global travellers (49%) think they will stay in self-catered accommodation at least once in 2018 and this is a great way to learn about the local cuisine. Hiring a private chef is a great way to learn how to cook and prepare Tuscany’s much loved local dishes and delicacies.

Taking potatoes and gravy to a whole new level in Ottawa, Canada

Mix fries, cheese curd and gravy all together and you’ll make the delicious and ultra-Canadian dish – Poutine! So popular in Canada that there is even a three-day festival every April dedicated to it: Poutine Fest Ottawa. With over 100 different Poutine flavours on offer, from traditional to exotic including beef jerky, smoked salmon and pulled pork, this festival is definitely one to have on your foodie bucket list.

Be adventurous at food festivals in Hokitika, New Zealand

For the ultimate foodie who is looking to take enjoying local food to the next level, a holiday to Hokitika for the Wildfoods Festival is a must. This quaint town is transformed into an adventurous food lover’s paradise, where travellers can feast on something just a little bit different. From mountain oysters, earthworms, possum cutlets to Huhu grubs! The food festival is a great way to mix amongst friendly locals and to soak up the vibe and culture, not to mention to eat until your heart’s content.


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