On your bike

By Kate Hassett

On your bike
Can these under-the-desk bike pedals solve work-related health problems?

More and more, studies have shows that remaining sedentary for long periods of time can lead to a plethora of health problems from diabetes to obesity (see our September issue).

Sedentary behaviour can also have an adverse effect on mental health, with many desk-workers claiming to experience rising levels of anxiety.

Whilst the days of the 8-hour work day with a break for lunch are behind us, more and more people are eating lunch at their desk,  only rising on occasion – if at all – during a long and arduous day.

Experts are warning that such behaviour is increasing our risk of heart disease, cancers and all matter of unwanted illnesses.

But what if there was a way you could exercise, or remain moving whilst sitting at your desk?

ActiveLife Trainer has developed a way for desk-workers to maintain required levels of movement whilst never having to leave their desk.

Image: activeLife Trainer
Image: activeLife Trainer


In a study conducted over a period of four months, an office was supplied with the under-the-desk pedals and monitored whilst receiving weekly emails, reminding them to stand up, sit up straight and keep peddling.

Dr. Lucas Carr, scientist and professor at the University of Iowa noted significant improvements in the physical health of those who participated in the study – as well as fewer sick days and increased levels of concentration.

Even when used for an hour a day, the improvements seen by the participants were significant enough for them to want to keep the devices after the trial was over.

Whilst most offices provide health facilities or gym memberships to employees to aid overall health, not everyone can make their circumstances work around such an environment.

“[These pedals are] something that could be provided to just about any employee, regardless of the size of their company or office,” Carr told Iowa Now. “It’s right at their feet, and they can use it whenever they want without feeling self-conscious in front of their co-workers.”

Hence why the bike pedals are having such resoundingly positive results.

Would you use a device like this in your office?

Image: activeLife Trainer
Image: activeLife Trainer





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