Everything You Need to Know About Fragrance This Winter

Thinking about investing in luxury fragrance? STYLE talks to Nick Smart, fragrance guru and founder of Agence de Parfum, about what’s happening in the world of niche fragrance right now.

The biggest changes that are happening in fragrance right now are… shared fragrance – that both men and women can wear – and a trend toward multi-functionality scents that can be worn at any time. Travel sizes and discovery sets are in very high demand as well.

The fragrance fanatic of 2020 is… more informed and more ingredient savvy. There’s been a move towards clean fragrances, ethically sourced ingredients and an increase in online traffic. However, in the niche category there’s been an increase in brick and mortar traffic, where the astute customer is looking for the experience and a chance to ask questions and discover new fragrances.

The current fragrance notes to watch are…iris and mimosa notes are currently on trend, lending to fragrances a powdery, sophisticated nuance.

The mistake we make when shopping for fragrance is… Not trying enough fragrances. Aim for at least three, one being the fragrance you like most, then compare it with at least two alternatives.

Luxury fragrances are worth spending on becauseof the quality, refinement, packaging, and most importantly, the story behind the brand – the history, production methodology and pure raw materials. These natural, superbly constructed fragrances will last on the skin up to three times more, due to higher concentration of raw materials. 

This autumn I will be wearing… Santal Volcanique by Maison Crivelli.

Favourite place in Europe to shop for fragrance… Lubin Boutique Paris

The best masculine fragrance of winter 2020 is… Santal Volcanique – Maison Crivelli – easy wearing, sandalwood, multi functional. 

Best feminine fragrance of winter 2020 is…

Phantasma by Liquides Imaginaires it’s a  soft, delicate woody/citrus floral – easy wearing.

Best shared fragrance of winter 2020 is…

Idole De Lubin- Woody, sophisticated, multi functional, warming, robust, long lasting.

11 Street Style Trends to Inspire You This Winter

We’ve rounded up the street style trends to inspire you this winter.

Layers upon layers of chunky knits, coats and scarves are often our go-tos throughout the cooler months. But the arrival of winter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style in favour of warmth and comfort.

Don’t let the dreary winter weather stop you from experimenting with your style this season. Here are 11 street style trends to keep you inspired when the temperature drops.


You don’t have to completely overhaul your entire wardrobe to make a stylish statement this season. Sometimes all it takes is a head-turning necklace, a pair of bold earrings or a chunky ring to complete your look. 

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21.


Forget sleek tailoring and structured silhouettes – this season over-sized suits (think thigh-sweeping blazers teamed with wide-leg pants) are the way to go. Pair your new favourite suit with sneakers to keep it comfy or some heeled boots to dress it up.

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 2


A monochromatic look never goes out of fashion – whether it’s soft, neutral tones or a loud and proud pop of colour, a monochrome outfit is one way to keep your wardrobe interesting. Dressing head-to-toe in one bright colour can be second-nature to some and daring for others. If the latter is true for you, try breaking up a bold colour palette with neutral-toned accessories.

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21.


When it comes to street style trends this is one of our favourites. Beige accents are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a long overcoat or a nude heel, soft neutral colours are a timeless way to add elegance to your look. Pair a beige piece with a bold print to make a statement this winter. Who says winter has to be sombre?

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 1


No winter wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket; in fact, it’s quite possibly one of the best fashion investments you’ll make.  Opt for a classic silhouette that will see you through winter after winter.

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 1


Long gone are the days when puffer jackets were restricted to the sports field or hiking track. In recent years – and much to our delight – the puffer jacket has received a high-fashion overhaul.  

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 2


The easiest way to spruce up your wardrobe is with stand-out accessories. Don’t be afraid to grab a funky handbag or some bright boots to liven up a simple outfit. It’s the best way to inject some colour or add some texture into the mix. 

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 1


Layering never gets old. But take it one step further this winter with the coat-and-blazer trend we’ve been seeing on the streets of fashion week. Use contrasting colours with your jackets to add dimension to your look.

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 2


Don’t hibernate your skirts this winter. Add longer lengths to your repertoire and team with your favourite pair of winter boots.

Street Style – Paris Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 2QUILTED DETAILS

Anoraks are given a new lease on life this season with quilted detailing reviving the wardrobe classic. While it’s traditionally been a piece for dressing down, don’t be afraid to mix and match this warm winter layer with luxe accessories and lady-like dresses.

Street Style – Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 3


As far as street style trends go, this one’s a little outrageous. Dying to show off your new knee-high boots but want to stay cosy and warm too? Forget about baring your legs when the temperature drops and wearing your pants tucked into you boots.  It might sound like a big fashion faux pas but get this look right and you won’t regret it.

Street Style – New York Fashion Week AW20/21. Day 3