On the Red Carpet at the Venice Film Festival

From Lady Gaga’s draw-dropping fine-feather Valentino number to Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson’s fiery red ensembles, there has been no shortage of looks that wow on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival this week. 

Discover our favourite looks so far in the gallery below. 

Wake up With Glowing Skin Every Day

Getting your beauty sleep is vital if you want glowing, healthy skin. We find out why L’Occitane’s latest launch is making waking up with a radiant, refreshed complexion a whole lot easier.

Genetics have and always will play an important role in the health of our skin. But when it comes to resilient, radiant skin, the impact our lifestyle has on our complexion can’t be underestimated. Spend a weekend overindulging in sugar-laden treats or soaking up too many sun rays and it will show on your skin.

But it’s not just diet and sun exposure that is having a negative effect on our skin: everything from exposure to pollution to daily stress and how much sleep we get each night could be standing in the way of you achieving your healthy skin goals.

The Importance of Beauty Sleep

Balancing a busy professional and social life has become the norm these days. And as fulfilling as a buzzing lifestyle can be, it can also be exhausting. Burn the candle at both ends and our wellness routine – diet, sleep and stress levels – can suffer. As a result, our skin loses its glow, becomes drier and the signs of ageing are more obvious.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to our overall health but it also plays a vital role in skin health. When we’re getting serious shut-eye our skin cells are busy regenerating and as a result, our skin is more receptive to skincare. Nighttime is also the best time to reverse the impact a busy life has on our complexion, which is why L’Occitane has launched Immortelle Reset: a powerful night serum which works hard while you sleep so you always wake up with glowing, revitalised skin.

Wake up Glowing

If you’re juggling a busy schedule and not getting restful sleep each night, your complexion is one of the first places to show it. Enter L’Occitane’s latest innovation, Immortelle Reset. Powered with a trio of stress-fighting natural ingredients, Immortelle Reset makes getting quality beauty sleep as easy as hitting the pillow and closing your eyes.

Each bottle of Immortelle Reset contains over 3000 tiny golden bubbles and each one holds the key to refreshed skin: the essential oil of the Immortelle flower. Harvested from sustainably sourced flowers, the essential oil works wonders to reverse the signs of ageing while powerful botanical ingredients acmella oleracea extract and marjoram extract smooth out visible lines, firm skin, and rejuvenate skin as your sleep.

The lightweight oil-in-serum – which is suitable for all skin types – glides onto skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving your complexion feeling deeply nourished. The end result is luminous, fresh-looking skin in just one night. With continued use, skin appears re-energised, deeply hydrated and youth is restored so you can wake up feeling knowing every day will be great skin day.  

L’Occitane Immortelle Reset  (30ml, $105) is available now from all L’Occitane boutiques. Click here to shop the new night serum online.