Omega Plus Pet Food ticks all the boxes for Wilma the ragdoll


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MiNDFOOD writer Ashley Wallace wants food for her ragdoll cat Wilma that she will both love and thrive on. Omega Plus Pet Food is the ideal choice.

I‘d heard about the health benefits of Omega Plus Pet Food — how it supports joint mobility, brain health and a shiny coat through the goodness of King Salmon and a balanced combination of omega-3s and omega-6s. But all pet owners know healthy food means nothing if our precious (and oftentimes fussy) fur babies turn their nose up at it. Befitting her pedigree status, my ragdoll cat, Wilma has been known to be particular when it comes to cuisine, but she’s never had a problem with Omega Plus. In fact, when I let her in from outside after much wailing, she darts straight to the food bowl and once there she hoovers up the dry food that‘s waiting for her like she’s in a race!

Wilma is only 20 months old and her fur has always been beautifully soft, so I was sceptical as to whether I’d notice an improvement in her coat after she switched to an Om0ega Plus diet. But when I‘m stroking her there’s no denying her fur is silkier and smoother than before. She likes to curl up and sleep in the crook of my neck at night so it’s very pleasant feeling her lovely soft fur, even if it can get hot at times!

Wilma seems to have no fear — something that causes her human ’parents’ to worry. She once jumped from the roof of the house in the most casual manner, purely for convenience rather than taking the stairs. So I’m also very happy to know that her Omega diet will be strengthening those little bones.

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Omega Plus – The Salmon superfood for your pets.

Omega Plus pet food can be purchased at all good supermarkets, Animates, Direct. Find stockists at:




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