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Omega Plus pet food is full of nutritional goodness, ideal for supporting adventurous dogs and cats who love to run and roam.

It’s common for our furry friends to have adventurous spirits. Whether you have a cat who loves to disappear into the night to embark on escapades, or a dog who brims with joy whenever they are let off the leash, pets love to explore and discover what the big wide world around them holds.

Maisy the schnauzer and Wilma the ragdoll are two pets that are wild at heart. Maisy’s favourite place to explore is among the pinnacles of the Bannockburn Sluicings in Central Otago. She runs in and out of the caves of gold miners past, and up and down the water races. Always inquisitive, Maisy relies on her good health and being in top physical shape to give her the agility to run and jump to her heart’s content.

Meanwhile Wilma, like most cats, is highly curious. She’s always been a fearless feline – ragdolls are bred to be indoor cats, but despite her parents’ best efforts to keep her within the confines of the home, Wilma simply wouldn’t allow it. She was desperate to get out the front door from day one, spending her waking hours pawing at the door. While it took her a while to get over her fear of the cat door, now she comes in and out as she pleases (albeit with a strict nightly curfew).

Starting to let your pets outside can be stressful for owners, particularly with cats where there’s little you can do to control their activity outdoors. But you can at least prepare your pets for their adventures by feeding them nutritious food. Pets like Wilma and Maisy who eat a diet of Omega Plus, which is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, reap the benefits of a pet food range that has New Zealand King Salmon as the number one ingredient.

Omega-3s help to fight inflammation, which does wonders for pets’ joints – essential for fur babies who love to run and roam. Omega-3s also offer advantages for our pet’s brains, helping to improve cognitive health and hopefully ensuring they make smart decisions during their exploits! Providing your pet with enough omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids can also improve skin and coat health, meaning they will be well protected from the elements as they step outside.


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Omega Plus – The Salmon superfood for your pets.

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