Obese Sydney girl 7, has lap band surgery in Egypt

By Maria Kyriacou

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
A brain tumour’s side effect has led a young Sydney family to seek help in Cairo for their daughter after what they say was inadequate care in Australia

Imagine if your child put on a kilo a week despite your best efforts to feed them a balanced diet and help them exercise?

The desperate parents of an obese 7-year-old Sydney girl have taken her to Egypt for life-saving surgery, after not being able to access treatment in Australia.

The child, Hana Tarraf developed a severe form of the condition hypothalamic obesity that sees her constantly hungry, after having surgery for a brain tumour.

Image: Facebook, Hana Tarrouf in Egypt with mum Naomi Cook

The fallout from the condition has seen her grumpy, teary and constantly thinking about food despite being full.

Her parents Naomi Cook and Nour Tarraf, say the condition has led to Hana tipping the scales at 57kg and spending most of her time confined to a wheelchair.

An American surgeon in Sydney initially agreed to carry out bariatric surgery, also known as Lap band surgery, on the young Sydney-sider, but was met with heavy limitations from hospitals.

Hana’s parents have said the surgery has gone well in her father’s birthplace in Cairo, and they hope it will have a transformative effect on their little girl’s life.

Since her surgery Hana’s cravings for food have been in check and the family are awaiting Hana’s first band adjustment to see if the decrease in her appetite continues.

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