Obama’s Heartfelt Letter to Parents of Teacher Killed in Florida Shooting


Obama's Heartfelt Letter to Parents of Teacher Killed in Florida Shooting
A geography teacher was among the victims of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Now, his parents have received a handwritten letter from former US President Barack Obama.

Michael Schulman and Linda Beigel Schulman received a letter from former United States President Barack Obama earlier this month. The Schulman’s son, Scott Beigel, was one of the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. However, unlike the majority of victims, Beigel was not a student – he was a teacher.

The 35-year-old geography teacher risked his life when he unlocked his classroom door to allow students to hide inside as the shooter roamed the halls. Before he could lock the door, he was shot and killed.

“Your son seemed like an extraordinary young man, and Michelle and I grieve alongside you,” the handwritten letter read, New York magazine reports. “We can only imagine the hardship you are going through; hopefully all the wonderful memories can help ease the pain.” The letter was signed ‘Barack Obama’. Earlier this year, the former leader weighed in on the tragic shooting, demanding gun reform.

“Scott is a hero. Scott was a hero way before February 14,” Mrs Schulman told New York. “What Scott did — saving his students — doesn’t surprise me.” She added that she had not heard from anyone at the White House, including President Donald Trump. “I received no correspondence whatsoever. I received nothing from the White House. I got a beautiful letter from Marco Rubio,” she said. “I’ve gotten letters from other congressmen. But no, nothing from the president.”

While hundreds of thousands rallied for the March For Our Lives campaign, Trump enjoyed a weekend at his private Palm Beach club. While the President remained silent, the White House released a statement acknowledging the movement. “We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their first amendment rights today”, it said.

Mrs Schulman believed the March For Our Lives campaign signalled a major shift. “No more fear of the NRA. The government officials are going to have to fear. Not that they’re not going to be reelected because they can’t get their money, but they’re not going to get our votes”, she said. “How many times has this gone on? Oh, another school shooting. This one’s different. This isn’t another school shooting. This is the school shooting that’s going to make the difference.”


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