North Korea’s Eye on Australia


Ms Bishop addressing North Korea's threats on Friday.
Image: @JulieBishopMP Twitter
Ms Bishop addressing North Korea's threats on Friday. Image: @JulieBishopMP Twitter
Kim Jong-un threatens Australia for supporting US; Turnbull government retaliates.

North Korea has warned Australia against continuing to support the United States. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) issued a statement calling Australia’s support a “suicidal act,” reports The Daily Mail. “Lately, Australia is showing dangerous moves of zealously joining the frenzied political and military provocations of the US,” the statement reads.

During her recent visit to South Korea, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop declared Australia would stand by the US as it deliberated how to handle North Korea. The KCNA’s statement addressed Bishop’s announcement, asserting that “should Australia continue to follow the US in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid a disaster.”

Bishop called for peaceful solutions while visiting Panmunjom, urging North Korea to stop its nuclear testing. Increasing concerns over North Korea launching another ballistic missile are coupled with the recent news that such missiles have the capacity to reach northern Australia. It is estimated that 150,000 people would die if a bomb were to hit Sydney.

Australian Defence Personnel Minister Dan Tehan has responded to North Korea’s threats, telling Sky News last night they “will not be cowed by the North Koreans.” He added that Australia “will continue to do everything we can to protect and help and support our allies,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Tehan pointed out that if North Korea agreed with the United Nation’s sanctions, a diplomatic outcome would be possible.  “If they do that then the rest of the international community will look to work with them,” he said. “If they don’t, we will continue to support our allies, the South Koreans, the Japanese and everyone else who is threaten by this unpalatable behaviour by the North Koreans.”







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