Nicole Kidman Reveals Beauty Secrets


Nicole Kidman Reveals Beauty Secrets
The actresses' beauty ritual is surprisingly simple and affordable.

Australian actress Nicole Kidman has told all about her beauty routine – and it’s surprisingly affordable and simple.

The 50-year-old celebrity says the key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin is beginning a beauty routine at night. “If at night time you do most of the work, you can wake up and you can be pretty quick because let’s face it, I mean most of us are rushing in the morning,” she told Vogue Australia. “If you want to get a workout in, plus take care of your kids, plus get them to school, plus get to work – all of those things, there’s very little time to be doing some half hour skin care routine.”

Explaining her specific regime, Kidman says: “My skincare routine [starts with] the night repair which is the regenerating cream which has the retinol in it that Neutrogena does…[it’s] really good for me because it doesn’t make my skin dry and I have really dry skin, so that always been a big thing.”

The blonde beauty says that sun protection is another key component of her skincare routine. After a morning cleans, she applies “regenerating cream with SPF in it and then on top of that I’ll layer on, if its summer or if I’m going to be working outdoors, some of the invisible zinc,” she says. ” That’s a really good combo for me because I then go to work and they’ll put make-up on me, but then I’m always about hydration.”

When it comes to makeup, lip gloss is a favourite of Kidman. If she isn’t on-set, however, the actress prefers to wear little makeup. “I don’t like a lot of makeup because I just don’t like feeling like I’ve got a mask on, I like actually just like being able to feel that my skin can be seen,” she confesses. “I don’t like wearing huge amounts of eye makeup and I’m very much about the quickest way to do things.”

If she does add anything, it’s a classic red lip colour that adds shine and depth.




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