Five minutes with: Nicky Dunn

By Milly Nolan

Nicky Dunn reveals the benefits of the Methven home spa and infusion system, MiNDFOOD reports.

Methven first transformed the way showering was perceived with the Satinjet Maia showerhead. How does this showerhead add to the showering experience?

Showering under water that has had the chlorine taken out of it is really good for your skin and hair – it prevents your skin from drying out, helps keep your hair colour for longer and for those with sensitive skin, they no longer have to suffer from itchiness after showering.  With the facial massage function, you can also stimulate the blood vessles in your skin in a really gentle way.

What is your philosophy around showering?

My shower is definitely my sanctuary, the only time in the day when I have time on my own. Since I’ve installed Maia and infusions, I shower for much longer than I used to.  It’s time to think, time to de-stress and time to use those spa products that you get given but never use.

You have recently launched aromatherapy shower infusions. Please explain what these are and how they work.

It’s a simple idea that enables an ordinary shower to be transformed into a personal home spa system.  

All you have to do is attach a cleverly designed pod to an existing shower rail, slide or head. The pod comes with a cartridge that is filled with a mood transforming, skin pampering shower infusion from Methven’s specially developed, naturally based range.  The shower infusion pod is released when the shower water runs through the pod to bathe you in a luxurious stream of essential oils, vitamins and fragrances.   

What was the inspiration behind the shower infusions?

We are passionate about creating the ultimate showering experience. We asked women all over the world what they wanted from their daily showering routines. They told us they wanted more than just to come out clean but craved a time out, in the privacy of their own bathroom, to be nurtured, uplifted and pampered and wanted to be able to indulge without feeling any guilt.  So our inspiration is simple – the modern women.

Do you need to have a Satinjet Maia showerhead to use these infusions?

No, infusions will work with most other showerheads.  

What health benefits do these infusions offer?

The therapeutic health benefits of the infusions relate to the ability of essential oils and  plant and vitamin extracts to relax and soothe the mind, relieving the body of stress and generally help you feel better.  

And how may they enhance your mood?

Using the principles of aromatherapy, we have chosen essential oils based on their mood-transoforming properties.

For example, in our fresh range, Green Tea’s powerful anti-aging properties protect and soothe your tired skin while Peppermint’s sharp and zesty aroma revitalises your mind as it refreshes your skin.

In our uplift range, grapefruit and pomegranate, Mother Nature’s most effective antidotes to stress and anxiety, ease and revitalise your mind with their natural vitamin C and antioxidants.

What healing qualities do the New Zealand plant extracts in the infusions offer?

Kawakawa Macropiper excelsum:

Kawakawa is a small shrub which grows with green leaves and sweet yellow berries. A traditional medicinal plant used to soothe and heal the skin.

Harekeke Phormium tenax:

Harakeke is also known as New Zealand flax and is identifiable by it’s tall, green leaves.  It is one of New Zealand’s oldest plant species with its juice and gum routinely used for healing the skin.

Kowhai Sophora microphylla:

Kowhai is a small tree found throughout New Zealand forests and near rivers.  Renowned for its magnificent drooping bright yellow flowers and distinctive seed pods, its bark has traditionally been used to heal and soften the skin.

Are the infusions good for your skin and hair?

The infusions have ingredients that hydrate and soften your skin. We find your skin feels much softer that it usually does. We don’t advise using them while washing your hair – while they aren’t bad for your hair, it’s best to turn the infusion off and just use normal shampoo and conditioner.

How long should the infusion cartridge last for?

Around 30 showers or up to a month – but we’re finding that they are so addictive, people are using them up much more quickly. Our advice is to moderate the amount of infusion you use until you guage how much you use at any one time. A couple of minutes at the end of a shower should be enough to give your senses a boost and get you ready for the day without having to use it all up at once.

Do you think this idea could be taken even further? That is, what’s next?

We’ve got lots of ideas – medicinal infusions with eucalyptus for winter, sports oriented infusions to help muscle repair after the gym, hair infusions…the list goes on.


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