Nick Steinberg’s Fog Waves are Truly Captivating

By Danielle Pope

Nick Steinberg’s Fog Waves are Truly Captivating
These incredible photographs are a dreamy mix of sea and sky

Nicholas Steinberg is an award-winning photographer residing in the San Francisco Bay area, who focuses on dramatic landscapes and everything else that strikes his eye. For the last eight years, Steinberg says that he has become “obsessed” with photographing fog. “We even have a small group of about 20 of us known as ‘Fogaholics’ where we keep each other updated all the time as soon as we see it roll in,” he said in a piece for Bored Panda.

Steinberg’s ‘Fog Waves’ are created by shooting from high vantage points such as nearby Mt Tamalpais, from where he is able to look down upon the clouds. “What I discovered from hundreds of trips up there is, when the fog rolls through and is at the perfect height and density, it will create wave-like movements as it contours the land,” Steinberg explains. Steinberg then experiments with different shutter speeds on his camera to either freeze the movement of the fog or accentuate the flow and make it smooth.

Steinberg’s interest in photography began while he was on holiday in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico in 2008. Here Steinberg describes seeing a plethora of photographic opportunities around the Mayan ruins and pyramids, but he was without a camera to capture the moment. Since that time, Steinberg has sworn to never be without a camera.

Shortly after his trip, Steinberg moved to the San Francisco Bay area of California, an area that Steinberg describes as “A photographers paradise”, being surrounded by incredible landscapes. It is here that Steinberg photographs his most iconic landscape work.

Steinberg’s work has been published and featured in National Geographic Travel, the Berkeley Times and Digital Photo Magazine among many others.

Scroll through our gallery above to view these amazing pictures. You can find out more about Steinberg on his website here or via his Facebook page here



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