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Ask Joelle: New Zealand’s best sauvignon blancs

Ask Joelle: New Zealand’s best sauvignon blancs

MiNDFOOD’s Wine Editor answers your questions.

Ask Joelle: New Zealand’s best sauvignon blancs

Dear Joelle

I have been asked to purchase a couple of New Zealand’s “best sauvignon blancs” to take to overseas business clients in Malaysia. However, if there were an ABSB (Anything But Sauvignon Blanc) club, as opposed to an ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) club, I would be a fully paid-up member. Hence, I am desperate for advice. What would you recommend? Price is no barrier, though I don’t think sauvignon blancs usually command huge prices, so I’m probably safe there.

Angela, Auckland

Dear Angela

Top New Zealand sauvignon blancs make regular appearances in MiNDFOOD and on On my own “best of” list the leading light 
is Cloudy Bay’s eponymous 
Te Koko, which redefines Down Under savvy. This wine’s big body makes it appear almost chardonnay-like – not that I’m trying to put you off here – and its fresh zing adds zesty appeal. Te Koko is a sauvignon blanc to end all preconceptions about this varietal sometimes being simple. Te Koko is complex in taste and complex in its making – hand-picked, barrel fermented, wild yeast fermented and partially 
put through malolactic conversion (converting hard 
malic acids to softer lactic ones). 
See my other top sauvignon blanc recommendations below.


Email your wine questions 
to Joelle Thomson: [email protected].

Cloudy Bay Te Koko 
RRP $58

I had a five-year-old version 
of this wine a few months ago 
and it proved to me, once again, that this is the leader of the sauvignon blanc pack in 
New Zealand. It was sublime.

Dog Point Section 94 
RRP $30

A quirky style departure for Marlborough sauvignon blanc, this wine has pretty flavours 
and incredibly lingering length 
of taste in each mouthful.

Church Road 
RRP $24

Hawkes Bay’s warm climate is responsible for this seductively soft, fruit-driven, bone-dry sauvignon blanc. I like it a lot.

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