New Zealand releases shortlist for its new flag – pleases no one

By Maria Kyriacou

New Zealand releases shortlist for its new flag – pleases no one
New Zealand's final four flags have not been met with the greatest enthusiasm.

New Zealand’s new flag is inching ever closer as the final four contenders are revealed. Government officials have waded through a monumental 10,292 flag design submissions from the interested public.

The whittled down quartet all feature symbols pertinent to New Zealand including the Southern Cross constellation, the fern frond and the koru – a design that represents new life, growth and strength in Māori visual language.

The final contender will be revealed after New Zealanders vote on the flag via a postal referendum later in the year. If a new flag is selected, it will be adopted within six months.

It was never going to be easy to please everyone, but it seems many are underwhelmed, fatigued with the drawn-out process. Many have expressed disdain at the lack of difference between the designs.

 Some of the submissions left many shocked or in hysterics. Many were dissapointed “laser Kiwi” didn’t make the finals.

The disparaging social media posts on #nzflag have delighted those who support retaining their current flag. So, now the wait till the referendum continues.

Which flag would you choose? 


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