New Zealand man grows a stunning church

New Zealand man Barry Cox, once aspired to be the Pope. Although he never made it to the Vatican, he has found a rather unusual way to get closer to God.

Four years after the process of carefully training tree branches into a structurally complex church structure began, his mission is complete.

The church is comprised of mature tree branches he was able to repurpose, and sits in Cambridge, on New Zealand’s North Island at his 1.2 hectare property.

Cox combined his passion for church architecture with his gardening expertise to create an enormous Masonry-style structure comprised of Cut Leaf Alder, Cooper Sheen, Camelia Black Tie, Acer Globsoum and Thuja Pyramidalis. The clever design combining dense trees with sparse foliage means the church will always be bathed in sunlight.


Set on three acres of breathtaking gardens, Cox has also incorporated a labyrinth walk.

The talented owner of gardening company, Treelocations,was able to  bring his dream to fruition, as he replants whole, live trees using enormous mechanized spades for his day job.  



Move over man-caves, women are finding refuge in she-sheds

She-sheds are an emerging trend, and women’s answer to the long-established man-cave.

The average man-cave has been rather simple in terms of aesthetic design; a wooden or tin shed with an old couch, TV, alcohol and some tools thrown in.

She-sheds are more reflective of their inhabitants’ style, with individual preferences for shabby chic, 50s retro or Tudor Pavilion. There’s even a dedicated page on Pinterest brimming with ideas.

The difficult thing to comprehend is why it’s taken so long. It makes sense when we consider that according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics women are still bearing the brunt of household work and care of children, despite being more active in the workforce than ever before.

A quick escape to a retreat at the end of the garden could be just what every exhausted woman needs!

What would your she-shed look like?



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