New study reveals that early introduction to Peanuts could reduce risk of allergy

By Kate Hassett

New study reveals that early introduction to Peanuts could reduce risk of allergy
New studies reveal important advancements towards the reduction of peanut allergies.

A study has revealed, that despite what we have been told for years, the early introduction of peanuts to children under the age of 11 months could be linked to a reduction in the risk of allergy.

The findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, were conducted through a study of 640 children aged between four and eleven months, who were considered high risk for developing peanut allergies.

Half of the children in the study were given peanut-based snacks and half were asked to maintain a peanut free diet.

Results of the medical trial showed that for every 100 children, 14 would normally develop a peanut allergy by the age of five. However, with the introduction of peanuts into the children’s diets, the levels of development were reduced by 86 percent, with just two out of every 100 developing an allergy.

These trials follow on from Australian research developments towards a possible cure for peanut allergies. Researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne conducted a trial whereby 30 children with allergies were given a daily dose of peanut protein along side a probiotic. At the commencement of the trial, nearly 80 percent of the trailed children could eat peanuts without having an adverse reaction.

With peanut allergies affecting nearly three out of every 100 Australian children, this study reveals the importance of change in approaching how we view allergen related illnesses.

Researches are advising interested parents to seek the advice of medical practitioners when changing diets of allergic children.

These results, in their earliest stage, will be used to conduct further testing on a wider scale that will hopefully seek out an eventual cure.



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