New information at hand: Co-pilot’s girlfriend pregnant & new black box voice recordings

By Maria Kyriacou

New information at hand: Co-pilot’s girlfriend pregnant & new black box voice recordings
Heartbreaking final sounds from black box voice recorder as Germanwings 9525 plane crashes


  • Andreas Lubitz’s teacher girlfriend Kathrin Goldbach had told her students she was pregnant two weeks prior to the disaster
  • Lubitz was said to have been planning to marry her, although it has also been reported she had lost patience with his recent erratic behaviour
  • Goldbach was said to have been making her way to the crash site
  • Lubitz lived with his girlfriend in Dusseldorf in a prestigious neighbourhood

    Lubitz’s apartment where he lived with his girlfriend. Image: Supplied
  • Goldbach is believed to have taught English and Maths at Krefeld’s Gesamtschule Kaiserplatz.
  • Staff at the school tried to keep her identity under wraps, refusing to divulge information about her or her situation
  • Another ex-girlfriend is alleged to have said he had told her he was planning a spectacular gesture that would go down in history

New harrowing information has also been released of recordings from the black box in the minutes before the plane fell.

  • The captain made two desperate attempts to get back onto the flightdeck before the plane crashed, while Lubitz ignored him
  • The captain is heard pleading with Lubitz to “Open the damn door!” on the black box voice recording
Plane Crash A320 Airbus Germanwings French Alps
Black Box recorder from the Germanwings 9525 plane


  • Tragically, passengers are heard screaming in distress, indicating they were aware they were of their fate.
  • At 10.40 the plane’s right wing hit the Alps, and with this the final noise of the passengers’ harrowing cries are heard on the tape.

    A tribute to the victims set up at the site of the crash Image: Supplied



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