New Hair

Sebastian Professional Australia and New Zealand creative director Brad Lepper shares his top tips for fabulous hair.

The year in colour

Wella Professionals has a lot of fun planned for those who love colour – think bright and playful. Platinum is a bold look that will continue to carry through 2018.

Top trends for 2018

Embracing curls is a key look for 2018, whether natural or styled. Life can get so restricted, it’s not surprising we’re seeing a demand for attitude in our hairstyles. With the freedom and sexiness of the curl, the seduction of hair is back.

Taming curly hair

It’s important to create a good base for your styling. The new Twisted by Sebastian Professional range locks in moisture while giving control, bounce and definition to the hair. Perfect for creating all looks from waves to bouncy or more defined curls.

Get curls

Use a wand or tongs from the ghd curve collection and style with products designed for curly hair to give definition. Also, use hair treatments to help give definition and bounce to curls and waves.

How to Keep Your Hair Radiant & Healthy Over Summer

Your skin isn’t the only thing you should be protecting when you step out into the summer sun. Joico education manager Duncan Richards reveals how to keep your tresses healthy and shiny through the warmer months.

Safety first

“The sun can burn holes in the cuticle surface of the hair, weakening your hair’s first layer of defense,” Richards explains. Not only does this impair the strength of your tresses, but spend too much time in the sun and you can wave goodbye to shiny, healthy locks. “Sun robs hair of moisture and essential fatty acids,” he adds. While all of us should be taking steps to ensure we keep our hair out of harm’s way, those with coloured strands need to be extra careful when stepping outside into the sun. “Natural colour lightens and artificial colour fades faster,” says Richards. “And hair becomes brittle and hard to manage as the hair loses its natural elasticity.

Change it up

Fortunately, there are a plethora of innovative products you can use and steps you can take to keep those locks luscious, even when the sun is shining. As a starter, Richards suggests overhauling your haircare routine to suit the season, beginning with rethinking how often you shampoo: “You don’t need to wash your hair all the time,” he says. “Instead, try a co-wash, which is a conditioning shampoo. Being a conditioner, it’s gentle and moisturising on both the hair and scalp.” The results are more manageable hair texture with less frizz and flyaways, and longer-lasting colour. Once you’ve pared back how often you reach for the shampoo, it’s also important to include a deep-cleansing option in your fortnightly routine. Richards recommends a Joico K-Pak Clarifying shampoo as “it will remove any build-up and impurities, such as salt water, chlorine or chemicals in your local water that cause discolouration or make your hair heavy.”

Special care

It might be easy to grab an inexpensive shampoo from the supermarket, but you’ll reap the benefits when you choose salon-professional products. “Treat your hair once a week with an intensive treatment, such as Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock,” Richards says. “This will replenish your hair’s lost amino acids, provide moisture and give hair back its natural elasticity, shine and movement.” Even if you take the utmost care, accidents can happen, and too much time in the pool and sun can leave locks dry and stiff. “Removing chlorine or chemical build-up is definitely the number one step,” says Richards, then you can begin to repair any harm that has been done.