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New eyebrow makeup ‘printer’ applies your perfect arches in seconds


New eyebrow makeup ‘printer’ applies your perfect arches in seconds
L'Oreal's Brow Magic is designed to print perfectly arched eyebrows right on top of your own real brows in seconds.

Perfecting your eyebrows using numerous makeup products is so old news.

At least, that’s what you might think when encountering L’Oreal’s just-unveiled ‘Brow Magic’ gadget.

One of the highlights of the beauty category at the Las Vegas technology trade show CES, the new release is essentially a makeup printer.  It’s designed to give you a personalised result similar to having your brows done by a makeup artist, or even a microblading service, just without the permanence.

Stocked with cosmetic-grade ink, L’Oreal’s Brow Magic prints perfectly arched eyebrows right on top of your real brows in seconds, creating tiny hair strokes designed to give a realistic finish.

Before applying, an app scans your face and makes recommendations for microblading, micro-shading, or filler effects based on your natural brow and facial features. The device is said to work for all skin tones and hair types.

After selecting your desired look, you brush a primer through brows before moving the printer across the eyebrow in a single, sweeping motion. 2,400 tiny nozzles and printing technology with up to 1,200 drops per inch (dpi) printing resolution apply the brow look to your face. A topcoat finish locks in the look.

At the end of the day or night, your finished look can be removed simply with regular makeup remover.

The device was created in collaboration with a Korean tech company called Prinker that also makes a handheld temporary tattoo printer.

“The strength of L’Oréal’s beauty tech program is supported through the quality of our partnerships,” says Guive Balooch, L’Oréal Global Head of Research and Innovation’s Tech Incubator.

“Often, we find a brilliant technology that is being applied to something outside the beauty realm. Combining L’Oréal’s heritage of beauty with these advanced technologies allows us to create entirely new beauty gestures—reimagining the original technology, and the traditional beauty experience, in the process.”

The printer is expected to be made available for purchase later this year.

Images: L’Oreal 



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