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New documentary reveals the consequences of fast fashion


New documentary reveals the consequences of fast fashion
The true cost of that $5 top will make you reconsider your shopping, and indeed life, choices

There is a hefty price to pay for the cheap top you bought, and it’s confronting to see. The rapacious fast fashion industry is giving consumers more of what they want (more, more, more, cheap, cheap, cheap) and the consequences are already being witnessed, such as the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed more than 1000 garment workers, the Tazreen Garment factory fire and the environmental impact.

Filmmaker Andrew Morgan wants to show this in his documentary The True Cost, in which he holds the fast-fashion business model up for scrutiny.

“There are hands, physical human hands that touch the things that we wear, and those hands are lives, and they matter … when we buy something, it is a moral act, and there are a chain reaction of consequences, so let’s begin to be more mindful and choose things that support life, not take it away,” says Morgan about why he wanted to make this film.

The trailer for the documentary, out May 29, is compelling and its images of the poverty of people making the clothes juxtaposed with the glamour of the fashion industry will stay with you long after you’ve watched it.



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