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New Book Delves into Meghan Markle’s Past

Chris Jackson/Pool via Reuters

New Book Delves into Meghan Markle’s Past

Upcoming biography 'Meghan: A Hollywood Princess' examines Meghan Markle's life before Prince Harry.

New Book Delves into Meghan Markle’s Past

A new biography about Meghan Markle is set to hit stores in the United Kingdom this month. Royal biographer Andrew Morton, who wrote a controversial biography of Princess Diana in 1992, has penned Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. 

The biography explores the 36-year-old’s past, from her career to previous relationships, using information collected from a number of interviews. Excerpts of the biography suggest Markle put her acting career first, even when it came to her marriage, The Independent reports. Markle’s first husband, producer Trevor Engelson, helped her get a role alongside Robert Pattinson in the romantic comedy Remember Me, after which Markle secured her longtime role on Suits. When the couple separated two years later, Morton claims Markle returned her engagement and wedding ring by mail. Morton also writes that Markle replaced old friendships with new ones upon finding success in Los Angeles, focusing on networking and growing her career.

The biographer then delves into Markle’s obsession with the royal family, which the former actress’s best friend Ninaki Priddy publicly spoke of late last year. Morton quotes Priddy in the biography, saying: “She was always fascinated by the royal family. She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0″. According to Morton, Markle was inspired by Princess Diana and shocked when she died in 1997.

When Markle went to college in Illinois, Morton says she changed her appearance and began partying. “Now that she wasn’t under the watchful gaze of her mother, she started wearing heavier makeup and experimented with highlighting her hair”, he writes, adding that the star indulged in typical college activities such as drinking and making late-night fast food runs.

Whether the biography is fact, fiction, or a mixture of both is unclear. Meghan: A Hollywood Princess will be available from April 12.

New Book Delves into Meghan Markle's Past

Image: Kensington Palace Instagram

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