Neck treatments aim to smooth and tighten signs of aging

Neck treatments aim to smooth and tighten signs of aging
Beyond our face, one of the most obvious areas to display the signs of aging is our neck. There are a number of ways to try and minimise these effects.

As we age, our skin loses its underlying structure and volume and the overlying skin becomes looser as collagen and elastin levels also decline, making it saggier and more prone to creasing.

With less sebaceous glands to provide oil but with our attention less focused on remembering religious skincare application in the area, it’s not surprising the delicate area is prone to visible signs of aging. 

Excess fat can also gather in the area, causing what we know as a double chin. 

At this time when the use of screens have become such an important part of our lives the area also has the potential to be impacted by a phenomenon known as ‘tech neck’. 

As the name implies, hanging our head to intently study the screen in our hands can exacerbate both neck strain and neck wrinkles. Repeated folding motions like constantly looking down at a screen are thought to have an impact on the quality of skin, similar to the creases that form between the brows if we squint too much.

Nourishing the skin in the area as part of our skincare routine is key and use of SPF a must to prevent further damage. 

Beyond that, if you’re considering further aesthetic treatments, what are some options available to you?

There are a number of ways the area can be addressed from the likes of injectables through to surgical procedures. 

Wrinkle relaxing injections
You might be familiar with the use of wrinkle-relaxing injectable treatments to minimise forehead creases or crows feet, but did you know the procedure can be used on so-called ‘necklace lines’ that appear beneath the chin? The injections are generally applied above and below the creases circling your neck in small amounts which relaxes the underlying muscles, with the intended result to make your neck look and feel smoother, firmer, and more youthful.

Deoxycholic acid injections
Less invasive than lipo, treating a double chin has become easier with an injectable treatment that targets submental fullness, or the weight that hangs within the fat pad under the chin. A series of injections is undertaken containing synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. It is only suitable for the right candidates, so expert advice is crucial. 

Chin liposuction
More commonly associated with cosmetic surgery on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, not many people are aware that liposuction can also be performed on the chin, jowls and jawline. It is a treatment that can be useful as a localised fat known as a double chin can be hereditary and can be persistent even if you aren’t overweight.  An experienced surgeon is a must as this treatment can be quite tricky. 

Neck lift
A loss of elastic tension in the neck area can be one of the most common complaints around signs of aging in the area. A neck lift is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce excess skin around the jowls, providing a facelift and a more defined jawline.

All procedures and surgeries have risks associated with them and results may vary, so it’s important to consider all the information and risks involved carefully. Seeking a second opinion will be welcomed by reputable experts. 


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