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Natural Energy Boosters

Natural Energy Boosters

Forget caffeine and sugar - try these foods for a natural energy boost when you're in a slump.

Natural Energy Boosters

Whether you’re feeling drained from a hectic week at work, or hitting the 3pm slump and are looking for a sugar fix- here are our favourite ways to boost your energy, and mood, naturally.

Replace your coffee with a coconut water

This natural drink is packed full of electrolytes for optimal hydration. The natural isotonic drink also boasts great levels of zinc, selenium, iodine, manganese and B-group vitamins. Always opt for a fresh coconut if you can get your hands on one and always look out for hidden sweeteners or flavours in some brands.

Go green

Spirulina contains more than 100 minerals and vitamins, including vitamin K, E, selenium, zinc and other B vitamins. In its dry form, spirulina contains 50-70% pure protein, which is perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Add a teaspoon to a glass of juice or our favourite green smoothie recipe for a great pick me up.

Ginger Tea

Forget your afternoon coffee, brew a warming cup of ginger tea instead. Ginger is full of antioxidants and soothing qualities. It aids digestion, gets your tastebuds working and is packed full of vitamin C.

Dark Chocolate

Yes you heard that right. Now you have a great excuse to dip in to your favourite bar of chocolate – just make sure it’s over 70%. Cacao is an excellent source of iron and magnesium which energises the body and provides a hit of natural energy without a sugar or caffeine crash.


Raw, activated and unsalted almonds are a great source of healthy fats and protein. These delicious morsels do wonders for balancing blood sugar levels and are a perfect snack or pick me up for when your energy is falling. Keep your serving to around 3 fingers worth for the perfect portion.

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One Comment on Natural Energy Boosters

  • Christine
    October 30, 2015 12:05 am

    Love the sound of dark chocolate with 70% cacao in being a good source of iron and magnesium being good for the body without to much sugar as I love chocolate will definitely change to this

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