Get the Gwinganna Glow


Get the Gwinganna Glow
Tracy Willis from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat shares how they get their clients feeling and looking beautiful.

What’s the beauty philosophy at Gwinganna?
The Spa Sanctuary offers unique therapies not available anywhere else in the world, and the extensive Dreamtime menu offers guests the opportunity to connect with holistic wellness practitioners as well as corrective exercise specialists. The beauty philosophy is simple and is all about beauty from the inside out. Clear eyes and glowing skin are only achieved by eating nutritionally balanced food, engaging in gentle and dynamic exercise and having a calm state of mind. To complement internal cellular health we recommend only using skincare products that meet strict criteria and have no harmful ingredients or chemicals. Add the practice of living with a mindful approach every day focusing on gratitude and the result is a glow that can only be called beautiful.

What beauty brands do you have in the spa?
For facial treatments we use Phyt’s certified organic range from France. For our specialty Ayurveda Aromatherapy treatments we use Sydney based Subtle Energies including our own signature blend. For body treatment we use L’itya Australian plant botanicals range.

Why did you select these particular products?
For us, each brand was a natural fit with no chemical or harmful ingredients and the ability to be used in results-oriented spa therapies. Being able to supply the quantity and range that we need for our discerning guests was also key.

What’s the role of the spa at Gwinganna?
Gwinganna was the first retreat to break the usual daily schedule used by all health retreats at that time. We incorporate strategic rest into every afternoon on retreat and we call it ‘Dreamtime’. This is the time for guests to pause, reflect and investigate personal solutions by visiting wellness practitioners for improved cellular health or emotional wellbeing and, of course enjoy the treatments in the Spa Sanctuary, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. This makes the spa a key component of any stay helping guests to truly rest and recharge. With a large pool of therapists with diverse skills and offerings, many are very experienced and have different styles of treatments.  Collaborating with a few of the most senior and creative therapists, we have developed unique treatments only available at Gwinganna. Many guests return because of the experiences our unique treatments provide.

The spa itself is one of the most distinctive features of Gwinganna. It is 33 rooms, the largest spa in the Southern Hemisphere, built in a circular shape with three buildings over three levels. The Spa Sanctuary is an indoor/outdoor concept that blends with the surrounding environment, ensuring guests remain connected to the serene and calming elements of nature. Each room has natural light with several different styles of room and colour themes throughout. It features a Crystal Steam Room and outdoor rain shower, Whisper Lounge with floor to ceiling windows, a striking spa lounge and outdoor decks. There is an environmentally sensitive use of water, paint and all materials.

What’s the most popular pampering treatment, and why?
For us, the spa is more than a place to experience pampering. It is a key component of the wellness retreat experience. The menu is designed to offer therapies and experiences that deliver a result and can help improve relaxation and combat a busy lifestyle. With such an extensive menu no one therapy stands out as the most popular but massage in all its forms is probably the most popular option for guests. At Gwinganna, the focus is on our guest’s overall wellness and helping them learn to manage stress. The majority of guests are looking to reduce stress, take away strategies they can implement at home and experience a state of calm during their stay. This helps provide clarity of thought for guests so they can proceed forward upon leaving the retreat.

Several therapies and programs consider stress in particular and a popular spa treatment, Spirit of Sound is one of these. The combination that has been created stands apart through the use of deeply resonating native sounds and music, the meditation component and various massage styles used. The therapist’s extensive experience and music skills, and her knowledge and ability to deliver an exceptional spa therapy helps guests to improve their meditation skills, no matter how brief their spa experience, and results in a deeper level of relaxation and calmness. The 80-minute treatment is performed in a custom designed room with live percussive instruments and vibrational components in the massage bed.



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