Natura Siberica beauty products now available in Australia

Sourced from the unspoilt lands of Siberia, the new organic beauty range by Natura Siberica is made from wild harvest herbs that have survived the ice age and are renown for their age-defying properties. The range of luxurious hair and body care products contain unique plant compounds known as adaptogens.

Unique Plant Ingredients

Adaptogens increase the plant’s resistance against environmental stress, avoiding harmful damage, allowing the plants to thrive and offering exceptional benefits for our skin and hair. There are 12 types of adaptogens in the world, four of which are found in Siberia having survived the Ice Age. Botanists discovered that these plants possess rare qualities that help to enhance human general wellbeing and slow the skin’s aging process. Adaptogens are known to have been used in Chinese, Siberian and Russian traditional herbal medicine. In the 1940s adaptogens were commonly found in the beauty elixirs used by the Russian Royal Family.

Wild Harvest Farm

Natura Siberica started its wild harvest farm in 2013, the first and now the largest organic farm in Russia. The farm in the region of Khakassia, spans 33 hectares and grows 14 species of rare Siberian herbs. The company works closely with local farmers to harvest the wild herbs and in doing so helps to revive and preserve the community’s unique farming traditions.

A Rich Base

In addition to the hard-working adaptogens the Natura Siberica range of hair and body products are formulated with exclusive bases, including Siberian pine oil and Sea-buckthorn to enhance the active ingredients in each product.

Siberian pine oil (Pinus Siberica Seed Oil) is 5 times richer in vitamin E than Olive Oil and 3 times richer in vitamin F than cod liver oil, thus it reinforces the skins natural barriers and protects against the harmful effects of wind, cold and severe environments. Cutting edge factories in Italy process the natural oils from Siberian Pines into a unique fatty-acidic formula used as the base for all creams, conditioners and shampoos. All products are made with ingredients certified as organic by the ICEA, Italy’s main natural and organic certification organization.

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Elizabeth Arden Launches Custom Color Foundation

The search for the perfect foundation could finally be over for the women of Auckland. Elizabeth Arden’s new Queen Street boutique opened its doors today launching innovative Custom Colour Foundation technology. Wearing foundation that’s too dark, pale or yellow will be a beauty dilemma of the past as Elizabeth Arden’s beauty therapists can now analyse your skin tone and colour and use the details to whip up a custom-made foundation before your very eyes.  The customisation doesn’t stop at skin tone: you’re able to pick your coverage – sheer, medium or full – and opt for either a matte or natural finish. Once your foundation has been created – it only takes a matter of minutes – the Custom Color Foundation analyser can help you find the perfect shade of red lipstick – or plum, coral or nude shades – based on your skin tone.


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Custom Color Foundation is available exclusively at Elizabeth Arden’s new Auckland boutique at 62 Queen Street, Auckland, Phone (09) 379 4869.