Must-have Summer Essentials

Next week marks the beginning of November and hot on it’s heels is – you guessed it – Summer. But before you grab your beach bag and run out the door to indulge in all that sunshine, ask yourself, are you ready?

No one can deny that as the weather heats up, so do the social outings and commitments: beach, bars, festivals, concerts and lots other outdoor frivolity. But as clothes come off there is a lot more preparation and care needed and oh so little time to do it in.

We know were certainly not as prepared for summer as we would like, so in the meantime we thought we would compile a list of our favourite pre-summer essentials that will make Summer a breeze and lots of fun – which let’s face it, is what it always should be!


With its sleek, modern shapes and innovative design, Nancy Ganz Swimwear will have you feeling like a sexy all summer long. Using secret shaping techniques to hold and control, traditionally troublesome zones become a thing of the past!

This Chic Control Swimsuit will have you running to jump into your summer bathers and hit the beach. It’s stylish, floral design means you can throw on a pair of shorts, sunnies and your favourite summer shoes and be festival ready.


Summer: sun, sand and surf…sounds like bliss for most, but not for your hair. Salt, chlorine and exposure to heat can make even the tamest of manes a beast to detangle after a day at the beach or pool.With its trademark flexi-teeth and upright non-slip design, Tangle Teezer’s Aqua Splash easily glides through wet hair for painless, tear free detangling.

Use it in the shower under running water or if your locks need some extra treatment, simply brush through your conditioner or treatment to work product through every strand. The patented teeth will also give your head a massage in the process, bliss!


Schwarzkopf’s latest BLONDME care range has everything you need to keep your blonde perfect from the beach, to the barbeque and anywhere in between! Whether you’re a bleach blonde, or just testing the blonde waters with highlights or ombre, there’s something for everyone.

Helping you be the best blond you can be, the Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner is a great option for boosting luminousity on all blondes! This easy use, spray leave-in conditioner, contains golden shimmer pigments for a subtle gorgeous glow. Just shake to activate and finish all styles!


Having spent all that time perfecting that sleek, straight hair look the last thing you need is a visible kink in your hair from your hair tie.  Thankfully, the fabulous folk at invisibobble have created a unique traceless hair ring in four of Spring/Summer’s hottest pastel shades. The invisibobble’s unusual phone-cord inspired design distributes uneven pressure on the hair. This means hair is held as securely as a traditional hair tie, but without leaving kinks, causing headaches or creating split ends and breakage.

Perfect for day to night, you can use it all day while in the office and after-hours let your hair down – literally, or create fabulous glam styles in an instant– instructional videos show the steps in just seconds. it’s also guaranteed to become your gym bag staple keeping hair hygienic while you swim, sweat it out on the treadmill or power through an aerobics class.

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Nancy Ganz Chic control Swimsuit RRP : $179.95

Tangle Teezer’s Aqua Splash RRP: $32.95

BLONDME Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner 150 ml,  RRP: $29.95

Invisbobble (pack of 3) RRP: $10.95

Award nominee for fashion forward student

At age nine Jess Quinn, 21, broke her leg in a seemingly random soccer accident but when the break failed to heal, tests revealed cancer on the bone.

Quinn underwent chemotherapy followed by a radical surgery called rotationplasty (where the thigh and knee joint are removed and the lower leg is transported to hip level and rotated 180 degrees in order to make the foot function as the knee joint). She has required a prosthetic leg ever since.

Fast forward to 2014 and Quinn is a promising fashion student completing her Bachelor of Art and Design at AUT. As part of her study she is designing and making a series of interchangeable and fashionable prosthetic leg covers. Her goal is to use this research and its outcomes during her masters, which she intends to complete in London next year.

Outside of study and fashion she mentors and supports cancer patients and amputees as they undergo treatments like rotationplasty and recovery from limb loss.

She has been honoured for her efforts by being selected as a ‘Youth Award’ finalist in the 2014 Attitude Awards which celebrate the excellence and achievements of disabled Kiwis. Award winners will be revealed at a black-tie gala on World Disability Day at Auckland’s Viaduct Events Centre on December 3.

Student 1