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Music you can physically hold on to

Music you can physically hold on to

REIFY’s 3D-printed music “totems” will give you all the feels

Music you can physically hold on to

Although music has the power to make us feel many things, it is something that has always remained intangible in a physical sense.

A new start up is hoping to add the dimension of touch to our musical experience. REIFY, in conjunction with the New Museum is aiming to transform music into something you’ll be able to ““hear, see, and hold.”

Adopting the 3D technology that seems to constantly surprise us with its capabilities, REIFY’s printed totems are like table top sculptures, designed with visual cues and encoded sound that have a reaction to specific songs.

When you observe these totems via the REIFY APP, they morph into pulsating, synchronized colours and movement, a multilayered experience of an augmented reality.

“We call these ‘totems’ because there was always a physical artefact for us to gather around,” REIFY founder Allison Wood said. “I was investigating this idea between form and meaning. What is the meaning of this object? Why is the form that way?” “And there was always this physical artefact that brought people to a physical location to experience their favourite music.”

For the moment the totems are prototypes, and have only been created for a limited number of artists.

Would you like to experience music in a physical way?


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