Motivational Mondays: Get started, stay inspired


Motivational Mondays: Get started, stay inspired
Need a little extra motivation? These top tips for will give you the ammunition you need to get started and stay inspired.

No matter how motivated we consider ourselves, we always have moments that lack drive and ambition. For some, this occurs far often than others.

A lack of motivation can stem from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, overworked or just simply sick and tired. But how do we overcome these obstacles and increase our chances of staying motivated and encouraged?

Stop Saying Yes!

Think you’re a yes person? Whether you’re the person who will always pick up the phone at 4am, even if it means getting no sleep before work the next day – or lending money to friends in need, never to see it back, constantly saying yes can see you become seriously overextended and overbooked.

Start to work on your boundaries. Learning to say no when it is in your best interest can be the best thing you’ve ever done. Next time, instead of telling your work mate you would love to finish their proposal so they can go home early, put your foot down and put yourself first.

Stop Saying No (when you want to say yes)

Similarly, saying no or staying put for the sake of being scared to move forward can be seriously detrimental to your general wellbeing. Say yes to going on a blind date and making new friends. Say yes to starting over if you’re unhappy in your current state.

Be Patient 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were your bad habits. In order to snap out of it, it’s important to keep chiseling away, one step at a time, until your wellbeing goals becoming cemented in your mind and become an part of your everyday life.

Start by beginning each day with a simple, yet effective exercise routine, to open your mind and awaken your spirit – just like this one.

Be Disciplined

In order to stay motivated and keep working towards your goals, whatever they may be, it takes a bit – and sometimes a lot, of discipline.

Different strokes for different folks, but many have said that podcasts or guided meditations have helped dramatically to increase their focus and drive. Curious? Try these guided meditations to help you increase your motivation today.

Face Your Fears

Is fear holding you back from meeting your goals? Are you being suffocated by high expectations? It is important to overcome your fears so you open up your body and mind to new and exciting things. By removing doubt and fear you create much-needed space for inspired thinking and motivation.

This CD helps you find new ways to overcome your fears and uncertainties. Discover an inner strength and determination, and build confidence that you can enjoy in many areas of your life.


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