Mother’s Day Profile: Gina and Marissa Gouras, Orsini Jewellery Founders

By Mariam Digges

Gina Gouras and daughter, Marissa, head jewellery company Orisini.
Gina Gouras and daughter, Marissa, head jewellery company Orisini.
Georgini Jewellery founder Gina Gouras speaks to us about what it's like working side-by-side with he daughter, Marissa.

How important is family to the Georgini Jewellery business?

Marissa: Family is always going to be an important part of the Georgini business. We have really built the business with the essence and attributes of a family business. A lot of our family works in the business and we treat all our staff like members of our actual family – I believe this goes a long way and makes for a happy working environment.

What do you attribute the success of the company to?

Marissa: A lot of sacrifice , hard work , dedication , patience and above all PASSION!

What is it like working so closely with family? What are the pros and (if any) cons of this?

Marissa: We obviously have our different tastes and opinions when it comes to design and work but it would be pretty boring if we agreed on everything.  One thing she (Gina/mum) has taught me is no matter what the issue or situation is we always leave it at the door when we leave. PRO would have to be that I get to work with my mum and brother everyday. CON would have to be that I get to work with my mum and brother every day (haha)

What have you, Marissa, learned from working with your mother? And what did you learn from your mother, Gina, that you were able to pass onto Marissa?

Marissa : My mother really is an inspirational woman and I really should tell her more often – she taught me that you should never need to rely on any man and that you can make your own fortune. She taught me how to be a strong independent woman.

Gina: My mother always told me that I can be whatever I wanted to be and was very encouraging when it came to education. She was always very liberal regarding her views and outlook on life. I have passed this belief system on to my children.

How do you separate work and family (if at all) to ensure your relationship as mother and daughter is not affected?

Marissa: We come from a Greek background so as a family we live out of each other’s pockets regardless.  It is hard to explain but I think the word I am looking for is Respect – it is the respect that we have for one another as well as the business that keeps us all so motivated.  To be honest – it all kind of just balances itself when you have respect for your family and your work.



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