Gut health, wellness routines and the nature tonic: Our most-read health stories of 2022

Gut health, wellness routines and the nature tonic: Our most-read health stories of 2022
2022 was a year of drastic changes in the world, from strict lockdowns to borders opening up. Amid all this change, it was clear that health remained an important focus for people, with many recognising the importance of being in nature, boosting gut health and setting clear relationship boundaries. 

Research reveals why it is we feel empathy for inanimate objects

Movies and television shows about human relationships with robots and other inanimate objects have been produced for what feels like a lifetime now. The attribution of human characteristics and emotions onto inanimate objects denotes a certain empathy when viewing non-human characters. So why is this? Why do we feel so strongly for these inanimate objects, especially when they are unable to feel the same for us?

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4 ways to heal the gut and reduce inflammation

We all know by now how important gut health is in determining how well our body can fight illness, disease and promote wellbeing and keeping your gut happy has never been easier, so follow these easy steps to cultivating better gut health for a happy, healthy life.

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Fruit and veg: is it better to peel them?

Some people peel fruit and veg because they are concerned about pesticides on the surface, but it turns out that there are important nutrients in the peel. A lecturer in nutrition explains the health and environmental reasons behind eating fruit and vegetable peel.

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How Sandra Bullock stays fit, healthy and happy

Sandra Bullock has given us a look into her wellness routine. The 58-year-old actress follows a simple diet and exercise regime, while also embracing a balanced mindset when it comes to life.

5 ways to enhance your spirituality and connect with nature

In 2022, many of us searched for ways to ground ourselves in nature, be it in daily walks or off-the-grid escapes. Dr Winfied Sedhoff explains that in the modern world, increasing our spiritual connection with nature can be the vital tonic we all need.

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What is ‘imposter syndrome’?

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one struggling to accept your success, but it’s more common than you might think. According to a study in the International Journal of Behavioral Science, 70 per cent of people feel this way.

The essential items for your Covid survival kit

With Covid-19 still dominating much of 2022, many readers found it helpful to have a list of essential items for when you or someone in your household is isolating at home.

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4 friendship boundaries you need to have in your life

Friendships – at times, that can be even more complicated than our romantic relationships. Neuropsychologist Hannah Korrel explains that having clear boundaries – like knowing how you want to be treated and cherishing supportive friendships – can go along way in cultivating healthy relationships.

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What is better for your gut: apple cider vinegar or lemon water?

We’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar and lemon water for digestion and gut health. But how much of the hype can you actually believe, and which is better for you in the long run?

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Why cooking makes you happy

While cooking is clearly a means to satisfy the body’s need for food, it’s increasingly being recognised as a way of nurturing the mind.

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